Friday, September 13, 2013

Pressed Metal Repairs

I just clicked over to the Ikea site to look at their blinds and saw their new home picture.

It's incredibly similar to what I'm doing. The Moroccan tile I'm using as a splashback (ours is a light grey and white), the shaker cabinets (they're using grey, we're going with a white design), the timber bench tops and of course, the lights. I bought our lights at Ikea so this is not surprising, but they've got the exact same colours and sizes in the same places.

Apart from the fact that Ikea is clearly stealing my ideas (Ikea is actually most definitely not stealing my ideas), it's nice to see such a clear indicator of what we're moving towards. 

On another note, the roof is now 100 percent finished and, with a storm brewing this weekend, should be up for its first test soon. 

The electrician arrived to start work installing light fittings and, sadly, was not much of a pressed metal aficionado. 

"Are you going to sheet over that?" He asked. 

No, no we're not. 

While I initially thought he'd drilled this hole in the wrong flower, it's actually correct but we do need to relocate one of the other light fittings. 

That'll mean repairing the hole in one of these flowers. We may have to look at taking a cast of one of the flowers, fixing it to the damaged one and pouring a filler from the hole above.

If anyone has any other ideas for how to recreate the centre of a flower out of putty or similar, we're all ears!


  1. Clearly IKEA is totally following your blog and rapidly updated their site, but changed the colour to gray to not be so obvious. I'd be contacting them for a cut of profits ;)

    I really really love that look and think it will be perfect in a queenslander. Can't wait to see the progress continue!

    1. Well, Annet, it is all a LITTLE suspicious ;-)

  2. Ah what a pain - you should see what our sparky has done at our place! Not happy Jan! Your kitchen is going to look fabulous - can't wait to see it installed. xx

  3. I absolutely adore pressed metal. My home is an 80's gal so I could not use it ~bugger!
    Really enjoying your Blog.
    Pop over to mine if you get a chance and say hi!

  4. I love that Ikea kitchen-yours will also look divine! I can't wait to do our kitchen.... No brilliant ideas on the ceiling from me-sorry! :)

  5. Love that kitchen (she says while she dreams of her very own one day!)
    As Annet said, Ikea are clearly following your blog, but I don't think your electrician is ...what an ignoramus!

  6. Gosh I love your pressed metal ceilings, they are the prettiest I have seen. No idea how to fix the flower ( perhaps first remove by waxing the chest and back hair of the sparky would seem like a good start- then you would be even!). Your kitchen is going to look great and Ikea could see it coming. mel x

  7. Oh your kitchen is going to look fabulous! Obviously the electrician is a neanderthal not to recognise the beauty of pressed metal!

  8. Sheet over it, is he KIDDING! Very lovely kitchen plans, tiles look very interesting. No help with repair ideas, but you probably won't notice a little patch up. It always seems like a big deal at the time only to fade after everything else is finshed.

  9. The kitchen pics look so great, it will be stunning when it is finished.
    The rapairs to the flowers could be done with "FIMO" that is shaped to suit and glued on.You could ask someone who makes Fimo jewelry what type of glue is good.

  10. We have a few putty coverups in our pressed metal and to look at it it looks pretty bad although when looking at the roof you have to really look for the spot. Best thing about the metal ceilings, it's so busy it's hard to pic the defects!