'Before' Pictures

These photos were all snapped on my iPhone during inspections. 

All interior photos are from the main house. They give a pretty good idea of some of the features that attracted us to the home to begin with - and also, how much work there is to do (particularly on those verandas).


  1. What a huge job you have in front of you but also so much joy.. you have found a gem just waiting to be polished and revealed.
    I have just found your blog. I love looking at it your pictures are so typically Aussie. I wish you well on your adventure and will be following your journey.
    I really pray you are not suffering with the recent floods.. and that you are not getting the biblical type in your area. Blessings to you Nell.

  2. Love the before pics... obviously a lot of work ahead of you, but how exciting! Just followed your lovely blog on Bloglovin too :)