Friday, May 23, 2014

Tiling The Kitchen and Other Stories

In one of the most exciting developments around here in a while, Dan has started tiling the kitchen in Big House. 

This is just before he started...

And this is him getting into the swing of things. 

They're floor tiles, so a LITTLE thicker (actually, a lot) than your average wall tile, but I think it's worth it for the pattern - which I just love. I'll show you what they look like close up when the grouting is all done so we can judge whether it's been a success or failure. It's definitely a gamble. 

Outside, we've been enjoying Autumn. Warm enough to enjoy the days, cool enough to...enjoy the days. 

Queenslanders will understand this.

We'll soon be farewelling one of our residents, with Roger the Ram now looking for a new home. He has succeeded in his mission of knocking up Sheepy and has gotten quite aggressive, as rams do. 

I took photos of him today for the ad to sell him - and then saw photos of what he looked like when we first got him. He was so tiny, and fluffy. Not the big boofhead we have now. 

It seems like forever since Lu and I used to head out there in the mornings and bottlefeed the sheep.

Still, with a new lamb on the way, we'll get hit with a new dose of cute soon.

Speaking of cute, look at these kids in their favourite spot in the tree. 

Life's tough, hey?

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Where It's At

\When last I wrote, I talked about the job of cleaning up the back paddock of weeds. This is what it looks like now.


We can't take credit for it - our neighbour did all the work to get the ground ready for his cattle over Winter. 

Him using our paddocks has really been the ultimate win-win situation.

It did inspire Dan to get out and do the side paddock. At times like this, we REALLY need a tractor - he was out there most of the day.


Meanwhile, a cold snap and plenty of rain has meant I can finally dress Lu in some of her cute winter clothes...

...and her equally cute wet weather gear (she has a new haircut - gorgeous, no?)

In the Big House, work continues as always. Soon, I'll have something more dramatic to reveal here.

I'm starting the process of surrounding the Little House with new flower beds...

And beyond that, we're settling in for another cool Winter and desperately wishing we had a log fire - but we improvise outdoors in the afternoon...