Our Story

This started as a story of a small family making a tree change. 

Edwina, Dan and their daughter Lucinda bought The Old Post Office in 2012, when it was a run down, overgrown wreck and started work.

Sadly for everyone, Edwina and Dan parted ways in early 2014, and Edwina moved back to Brisbane. 

Dan stayed on at the property, with his mother Anna and stepfather David buying a half-share.

Lucinda spends every second weekend there, running around with her grandparents, Dad, and dogs Maisie and Buster. 

The show goes on, the story continues.


  1. Hi from one Edwina to another. Just found your Blog, have bookmarked it and now looking for the button to get updates.

    1. Hi Edwina! Always nice to meet another one. Hope you found the buttons, they're up under the 'Follow Buttons' page title at the top. I'm still working out how to add RSS and 'follow by email' if that's the format you're after. Hopefully will have a breakthrough with them soon.

  2. Hi there, just found your blog through Mamamia and wanted to say how much I love your story. I'm a journalist in Brisbane and my husband and I are looking for our dream tree change property right now. Looking forward to reading your posts

  3. Hi Edwina. Just found your blog through Mel at Bungalowgirl. I am loving your blog; I used to live at Laidley many moons ago with my first veterinary posting. All the areas you talk about bring back many memories for me. Love your pictures of Forest Hill. There were no nice homewares or cafes there in the 1990's, just a pub either side of the railway line. I loved it all the same. Looking forward to following your progress, if that's ok. I'm now based on the Sunshine Coast. Cheers, Deb

  4. Hi Edwina, just found your blog. Wowsers you guys have a huge job ahead of you but I can see it is going to look amazing. I'm looking forward to following along :)


  5. Hi folks, my name is Anna, and as Lucinda's Grandma, Dan's Mum and a lover of the land (food for the soul), I have become intrinsically entwined with this story, the property, and its future as a family home.
    I love that Lu can experience the continuing country life, with such beauty in the hills, the birds, the cows and horses (luckily the neighbours) etc, and the developing Big House and the Little House (now to become the weekender). Lucinda has her little Playhouse between the Big & Little houses (the ex dairy house), which now has the beginnings of a fairy garden - if only Maisie didn't make her earth nests out of all the dug garden beds, and so unearth every plant we planted!! Phase 2 of fairy garden - large pots, with hardy stuff.
    My husband said we are now share 'Prickle Farmers'. We have a healthy crop, and are taming them at each visit. Will post pics soon of the new, old 1963 Massey Ferguson tractor which has saved our backs, and looks so cute. Dan continues to work on the insides of the Big House - many wooden doors all needing stripping etc, stained glass sliding windows being completely restored, lead paint still to come off - painting etc etc. The kitchen & dining area are glorious with the pressed metal ceiling amazing me every time I look up. A tedious and arm breaking Job well done Dan. Cheers for now, Anna