Architectural Tidbits

According to the information available from the Queensland museum, the houses are best summed up in these styles:

The Large House/ The Post Office/The Big House/Our House:

The large house is similar in style and era to this one, although with an extension that was the post office:

Colonial, Federation and Interwar Pyramid/Short-Ridge House (1870s - 1920s)
Colonial, Federation and Interwar Pyramid/Short-Ridge House

Floor Plan:

The Small House/ The School House/ The Little House/ The Cottage:

Colonial, Federation and Interwar Gable/Hip House (1820s- 1930s)

The design below is a similar era and design to the little house.

Colonial, Federation and Interwar Gable/Hip House


  1. You have a nice lot of rooms to work with, which side of the big house faces North ?

    1. The right hand side, with no veranda, faces North.

    2. bugga...would have been nice if it was the big veranda, with the kitchen,living and lounge...never mind, at least you have one end facing North, which will be wonderful to get the Winter sun and protect you from the nasty cold Westerlies.

  2. There's a house in my area that is from the 1920's. Really cool. I wish I could share it with you guys. A picture I mean.


  3. Our old place, circa 1910, started out like the small house but was added on to in dribs and drabs so it has an interesting floorplan now.

  4. The architect you're looking to get must be someone who really knows what he's doing. Aside from his technical expertise in terms of providing you with sketches and diagrams, he also has to have a creative eye so your house will not only be efficiently designed but should also be aesthetically sound. He has to be able to transform your ideas on paper.