Thursday, September 5, 2013


There's some exciting developments at Big House, with the arrival of a team of roofers to the property yesterday morning... Hopefully, I can post some before and afters soon.

I did have a brief moment of terror this afternoon when trying to observe the beginnings of the new roof and realising that it was literally so shiny I had to look away. 

I hope our roof doesn't start any grass fires this summer. It really is THAT shiny.

Meanwhile, a quiet afternoon at our place yesterday was interrupted by an excited knock on the back window. My neighbour, who runs her cattle on all the acres of our property we don't currently use, summonsed us to a viewing spot above the back paddock.

We had just taken  up our positions there when a swollen cow, who'd been rocking back and forward all day under the relentless observation of my excited neighbour, gave birth to a tiny calf in a gush of blood and fluid. 

I am sure it would have been quite an eye opener for our respective toddlers had they not been busily hitting each other with sticks at the time. Kids, eh. No respect for the messy miracle of new life. 

So this is the newest arrival at our place, shortly after his birth. Welcome, baby bull. Enjoy your stay here. 


  1. You are definately living in the country then taking a picture of a cow giving birth. Look forward to the pictures of the shiny new roof. You should take a snapshot of your property from google earth now and compare it to later on when the data is uploaded. They used to be 6 mths behind in real time but (and that was a guess) but still at some stage you would have a cool before and after from above the property. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Don't stress, that roof will dull down in no time. Betsy's roof is not visible from out your way is it? ( and hers looked pretty shiny 3 months back). Enjoy all these changes and is that house colours I see on instagram, now that is a tricky decision, believe me I still haven't decided and just like you I know it will annoy the pants off me if I get it wrong. Still unsure if I made the right gutter choice in that highly rushed decision. mel x

    1. House colours is a tricky decision indeed. No hiding the exterior of a large weatherboard house if you get it wrong! xx

  3. My kids got to see a calf being born in the yards very close by as we were drafting one day. Young enough to not be asking the tricky questions but old enough to enjoy the wonder of it all. Cow was really good, and allowed them to get really close (with fence between them of course) to study the new baby and watch him find his feet.

  4. How beautiful! Now that I'm a midwife (in training) I get very excited about things like this, especially the blood and fluid. :-) Looking forward to seeing your shiny new roof. x