Friday, September 27, 2013

Striped Petunias

Correction: It has been brought to my attention this is a petunia, not a pansy. Did I mention I'm not much of a gardener?!

A few weeks ago, I bought a punnet of non-flowering pansies petunias from a cheapie bin out the front of the supermarket, mainly because I felt sorry for them. They were quite sickly looking and heavily discounted.

I stuck them in the ground and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED!! Isn't this the prettiest little pansy petunia you ever did see?

I also went to the nursery today with my neighbour. I couldn't resist bringing some of these home. We're using murraya paniculata (mock orange) down the side of Little House, but this viburnum will be the hedge across the front of Big House. Looks like I've got some holes to dig tomorrow.

Finally, the little outbuilding I eventually want to turn into a garden bar is proving to be a very useful potting shed. It's open-sidedness means the plants still get shelter and shade, but they also get just enough filtered light - and I can see exactly what's in the shed before I walk in there (it's snake season, people - one red belly black and counting! We're off!)

Finally, here's another new friend of mine - a Mandevilla. It seems like quite a hardy little thing and look at all those beautiful flowers coming up...

Ok, enough garden-related things from me. Happy weekend, all!


  1. Here in the US we call that a petunia. Love the stripes.

  2. Actually we call them that here too... I stand corrected ;-)

  3. I had a laugh at the petunia/pansy flower because my uncle calls all flowers petunia because apparently all flowers look the same and that is the one plant name he knows.

    1. Why give such similar looking plants such similar names (kind of - they both start with P)? Sheesh.

  4. Its such a pretty pansy petunia lol. :-)

  5. Whenever I hear about petunias I think of this song. Elsie loves it. :-) Lu can go sing it to an ACTUAL petunia! x

  6. Pansy schmansy- it's very pretty. Watch that mock orange for hayfever sufferers when it starts flowering as it is a pollenfest!