Sunday, September 29, 2013

Planting the Front Hedge

On Saturday, Lucinda and I raided a couple of nurseries we'd discovered had a good stock of reasonably sized viburnum odoritissimum for a decent price.

The front hedge is a job I kept putting off but now seemed like the time to get it done, with a wet summer (hopefully) around the corner.

We came home with 17 plants. Along with the 15 smaller ones I bought in tubes a few days ago, that's most of our hedging plants taken care of.

My neighbour came around and we got to digging. Luckily, the soil here is soft and dark and full of worms which makes it easier to dig and, hopefully, will mean the hedge thrives too.

This one enjoyed helping with the mulching.

Now, fingers crossed for a wet summer (but not TOO wet) to give them a good head start in life and give us some privacy in the front garden.


  1. That looks good, and my! how lucky that you have rich soil to start with. I have found with a hedge that the more you tip prune it the thicker it will grow.

  2. That soil sounds great-ours is both rocky and clay-ey and sandy... They will look great when they have grown!! x

  3. It is fantastic, yes. One of the perks of living on an old creek bed!

  4. That's going to look great.And yes, tip pruning from early on will train those plants to grow in the right shape. xx

  5. Oh to have soft dark soil full of worms! How I envy your soil

  6. How lovely! Imagine the beautiful flowers you will have next spring!