Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let The Water Hold Me Down

Who knows the song Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads?

I love that song.

It evokes all sort of existential questions, but in tone of mild adult resignation rather than rage-filled teenage angst.  I've been playing it a lot lately - more than usual - because it seems to speak right to me.

The first line, 'And you may find yourself living in a shotgun shack', seems particularly apt for our little hillbilly squad at the moment.

It's been hot. So very hot. We've been looking for innovative ways to keep the neighbourhood kids cool by day...

...and then, after 5pm when the heat has mostly left, some of us oldies (well, 30-somethings) can go out to wander our hills together in the name of exercise.

Lucinda doesn't nap at home anymore, so sometimes I just put her in the wonderful air conditioning of the car and we drive. We find the most fantastic little corners of the Lockyer Valley.

And just like that, we keep letting the days go by.

What have YOU been doing?


  1. I love going on a drive just to check out the countryside. Those old houses are stunning. You can just picture them with a fresh coat of paint and lavender hedges.

  2. I've also been listening to Talking Heads and noticing for the first time in my life that they are really existentialist. I never noticed that before! May help that I'm reading a book called 'How to be an existentialist' - says it all really. That last house looks amazing. Maybe that can be next on your list, eh, eh? :-)

  3. Love the house in the last photo - it's gorgeous! Does anybody live there? Can I have it? I've just been trying to find enough hours in each day - lately there doesn't seem to be quite enough. xx

  4. I've been working for the man. But enough about me.

    It looks like you've really found a wonderful place and you're generally happy. I like your hilly-billy shack. It's quaint and honest.

    PS Where'd you get the hoola-hoop? Santa's had an order for one.

  5. My husband loves Talking Heads and especially David Byrne. What have I been doing with my days lately? Hanging with my 5 month old, and digging swales by hand - in the afternoon of course, when the heat of the day goes by...

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  7. My god, I'm with Caroline - that house is absolutely gorgeous- is there a story? lived in or vacant? Can you befriend the owners and get us some walk through pics? Just kidding. No actually, not kidding! Mine just get hosed on the trampoline on these kind of days, not sure if that would work on tank water though! mel x

    1. It's lived in and it looks like a future renovation. The fence has been done and the grounds are well maintained. I hope they get cracking on it - I can't wait to see the finished product...

  8. Our kiddos played in the river that ran thru our pasture. not very deep, maybe three inches, but they "Dug" a swimming pool every time - and of course it filled up with sand as fast as they dug! Great fun and cool in the shade!

  9. Love the place with pumpkins, ginger and beetroot. The things you can buy from roadside stalls. I am also in love with the house in the last picture. Just gorgeous.

  10. Looks like we're all taken with the last one. Thank goodness it's got carers to look after it.
    Your shack is looking pretty lovable itself. Last year I took to putting the hose in the fork of a tree on very light spray with a shell pool under it. It kept her cool and happy for hours.

  11. That last house would look amazing when it is restored. Do keep us updated on the progress.
    Cheers, Col

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