Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Oh, poor little neglected blog space. 

I think I've kind of lost my blogging mojo a little bit, temporarily. Oops. The renovation is in slow motion for now and, you know....I could come here every day and write stories about washing dishes and doing laundry, but I can't see it being particularly good reading. 

HOWEVER, I promise as soon as anything exciting starts happening with the house again, I will find that mojo, dust it off, slip it back in and return with a gusto. 

In the interim, I am still using Instagram like a woman possessed. (@theoldpostoffice, and non Instagrammers can go here to see the piccies online if you're so inclined)

Sunflowers on the Darling Downs

I did get out to the Darling Downs today to visit a nursery owned by friends of my mother, and got some excellent advice regarding hedging plants.

I've picked my hedge and can't wait to get a delivery of lots and lots of plants to start planting...


  1. what a stunning picture - and in reality it must have been breathtaking, edwina! tell me, is it a commercial crop for the seeds (ie bird seed mix, or sunflower seeds to put in your muesli) or for cut flowers? i'd love to know.

  2. You know, I'd quite like to hear about/see pics of you doing dishes, because you'd be doing them in an awesome old house in Queensland, which is fancy and exciting no matter which way you look at it. :-) Nice sunflowers too, btw.