Friday, June 14, 2013

Before and Afters - The Yards

Oh, hello there. 

I thought I'd return from my period of blog abstinence to do a special, commemorative 'almost but not quite six month anniversary post'. 

To give an update on where we're at, Big House is effectively a construction site inside.

The tenant of Little House has told us she's leaving in about a month to find some better digs for her horses (they have no shelter or anything here) and the timing is pretty good. We'll be moving in there just as soon as we can.

Meanwhile, I've taken advantage of the cooler weather, snake hibernation period and my mother's help to get some serious ground cleared. 

These photos show some before and afters - from the day we moved in, to this morning.

This photos wasn't taken when we moved in, but about two months ago instead:

The same area this morning (the flower pots are where there's old concrete obstacles I can't pull out and don't want to destroy the mower on):

Finally, we have a new pet. This is 'Sheepy' (named by Lu) after finishing her bottle this morning. 

All together now, aaaaawwwwww!


  1. Don't be fooled ht the snakes are hibernating yet... I saw a huge (thankfully already dead) black snake on the road near our place earlier this week.

  2. The gardens/yards look much better! It's amazing the difference cleaning up old debris and cutting everything back etc makes. You must have worked so hard.

    You must be looking forward to moving into the little house. So hard to live in a construction site with young kids. We didn't do it for long but it was long enough!!

    It gets quite cold here and I met some who had disturbed a snake whilst clearing some rocks and then found it (admittedly very very sluggish) on her verandah. I was very disappointed as I just feel so much safer really getting in and cleaning up the garden at this time of year. It's got to be better than summer though!

  3. What a difference it has made by removing all the weeds and keeping the area mowed.
    And Sheepy is adorable. Lu must be very excited about the newest addition and having bottle feeding duty.

  4. it looks great. You've done an enormous amount of work. It's so green and lush, I almost want to move back there!! Look forward to seeing your progress with the Big House. xx

  5. Love the new pet and it will be great moving into the little house while the Reno is going on. Regars Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  6. Looks great! We've been gardening too-perfect weather for it, before it gets too hot! Love Sheepy!

  7. I love seeing the progress you've made in the last 6 months! Your blog (and instagram) are a source of inspiration. :) Sheepy is adorable, what a great addition to your family!

  8. Keep taking photographs! Looking back on how it was, as you wonder when you will finally stop living in a construction site, then looking around at how much you've changed it since you've arrived is a wonderful boost to your ego and your energy. I love seeing your progress and I'll be wondering how the view from the kitchen, through the lovely sash window, will look. The Little House should make a nice cosy "Winter retreat". With all that cleared space the snakes will be deterred from crossing an area that will leave them so exposed to kookaburras and other predators.
    Lol, love Sheepy's superhero mask :)!
    Cheers, Robyn

  9. So pleased that you can move into the lovely little house while work goes on back in the big house. Will make such a difference to your sanity to not be living in a construction zone. You have done so well with the yard work, looks fantastic. mel x

  10. It must be such a good feeling to look back and see how much all your hard work has paid off. Sheepy looks very cute. I love his zorro mask

  11. I'm not an outdoorsy person in the least (eww, bugs and grass and AIR!! haha) But what an amazing property you have!! It looks like a fantastic place for little ones to explore all day long :-) I'm looking forward to seeing how it all progresses! x