Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Windows and a Tile Delivery

I'm about to show you some before and after photos that are going to make you laugh, because they represent such a small difference in the actual improvement of our old girl and, actually, it's possible that the after looks worse than the before...

Dan is still working away, when he has 8 seconds, on the interior of the big house. The other day, he got to replacing the windows in the little room at the end of the verandah that was once the post office and will soon be my home office.

Here's the outside after the  holes were cut in the aluminium cladding:

And here's what it looked like after: Two little windows in the middle of an ugly sea of mouldy aluminium cladding and junk.

Here's what our dining room and kitchen currently looks like. As you can imagine, we're not spending much time here!

Today, our splashback tile arrived. It's the Amity tile from Tera Nova in NSW.  It's a floor tile and is a little thicker and chunkier than anticipated, but I think it'll still be OK as a wall tile... I hope so, anyway. Otherwise, we'll keep it for the floor of the bathroom. 

It's a miserable day today and I have been on this computer for about nine hours so far, while Lucinda sleeps and draws and eats toast and watches Sesame Street.

I think it's time to go outside.

Until next time....


  1. Those windows are such a big improvement on those aluminium shockers. And looking at your gorgeous pressed metal ceiling is wonderful, even with the brown staining of dubious origin, all I can see is it looking stunning finished. Love your floor/wall tile too, we were looking at tiles today, I have serious decision fatigue kicking in! mel x

  2. I am really enjoying watching the progress Edwina, I think maybe because we live in such vastly different surroundings.

  3. I recognise that mould! It's on the back of my car and on our house guttering too. Snap!

    Great little windows, but no doubt a lot of work to install.

    We've been short on time lately too. Not that the weather has been favourable to get anything done. Even the laundry pile has stagnated - thankfully no mould there though! ;)

  4. It will come together! I know during my remodeling even after my window replacements I was not in love with my house. But after time and decorating and some love, it is an amazing place to call home!

  5. Installing a couple of windows around your house is a good idea! This will open your house and pave way for natural light inside, making your space airy, fresher and brighter. Good luck for the rest of the improvements!

    - Jesse Morrison @ JonWrightRoofing