Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Bits and Pieces - The Outside Edition

Before I kick off with a heap of photos from outside, taken over the last few days with my actual camera (not my Iphone - I'm trying to get break the habit), I have to issue a correction.

Today, I went with my family to the National Hotel in Laidley for lunch and who should we end up sitting right next to, but Joyce.

Joyce and I have caught up a few times now and today we were talking about this blog and she admitted that she didn't like that I kept describing Little House as a former school house when it was, in fact,  a school once upon a time.

So, I'm setting the record straight for you Joyce, lest the local history records be tainted by my words - Little House was a school, not a school house.

Moving on, we've been outside a lot over the last few days. It's been cooler but still sunny and the perfect weather for getting into jobs that were so unpleasant over summer. 

Dan spent this morning putting up these racks, for categorising and storing VJs he removes from the house and picks up at the salvage yard until he needs them again.


I've been working away on this one patch of weeds and long grass for weeks now. Slowly, I'm forcing it back to a point where I can keep it maintained on the mower from now on. Every little bit helps. 

19 May 3

The little one has strawberries still firmly on her mind and has to be reminded that not everything growing in the garden can be eaten as is... and also, she likes wearing her boots on the wrong feet. 

Whatever works.


She's also been checking on the horses for Louise...

15 May 3

...and keeping an eye on the plants for her Mother...

17 May 1

...and is getting sick of being photographed.

19 May 4

The nights are getting cold and the Westerly is starting to get pretty fierce. Winter, here we come. 

19 May 1

The afternoons are still pretty lovely, though.

19 May 5

Happy Sunday!


  1. They're not strawberries sister! I can imagine the westerlies blowing. And I can't wait to see how things have progressed in year's time. Your little family is so sweet and so work-horsey. Joyce is lucky to know you!

  2. It's freezing cold here in Brisbane too so you would be very cold out there. I was watching gardening Australia today and it was all about Canberra. The fellow was saying that he remembers that once it was so cold that the water inside the toilet was frozen now that is cold. Loving the warm sunny afternoons before the sun goes down. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Gosh it's so beautiful and green out your way. Love Dan's vj system although must say the pink and green besser brick wall behind is even better- would make a gorgeous backdrop for taking pics of kids. mel x

  4. lovely lovely photos - sooooo green where are you are!
    we had our first big frost here this week. so cold.

  5. Dan is very organised. Nothing much laying around for snakes to Winter in and they aren't partial to cold hard floors at this time of year. You have the outside looking really neat now and if that's kikuyu in your lawn it will soon dominate whatever is left of the weeds. I love that the horse is so quiet and friendly. A real confidence booster for any child to be around.

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