Friday, May 17, 2013

Big House From The Front

Tonight, I'm going to do something I've not done here: post a full frontal picture of Big House. In all her glory (or current lack thereof).

Soon, this house is going to look very different and I can't really convey the transformation without showing you what she looks like now too. 

Big House

The tree needs a cut back, the house needs a new roof and her verandahs opened and some timber battons at the bottom....

She needs a lot of things, let's be honest here. 

(Excuse Pepper and her George Jetson get-up there, she was desexed last week)

Meanwhile, here on the interior, Dan is making good progress. 

17 May 5

17 May 4

I'm getting to do all the fun stuff - pick colour schemes and lighting and taps and so on.

This old house of ours - she keeps us busy. We think she'll be worth it.


  1. As much as she is the ugly ducking at the moment from the front she doesn't have a lot of character..once you open her verandah's up she will be happy again. Even though every day looks like a lot of work, it's satisfying knowing that your family is restoring her give another 100 years of her life....and of course your vision of how she will be once finished no matter how many years that takes. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I can picture the veranda all opened up and I think it will look amazing.

  3. It's going to all be completely stunning. So glad to see the front. Can't wait to see it all opened up.

  4. You can see from the verandah inside shots as well, how magnificent she will look all opened up.Very exciting for you :-).

  5. Wow this is the first time ive looked at your Blog - cant wait to see how the house turns out - such history of your 2 homes and their prior use !!!

  6. Very exciting Edwina! Looking forward to seeing it all unfold.

  7. good bones, and choose your battles, one by one you'll tick them off! Sometimes the prettifying has to wait (I'm suspect that something dodgy is going on under the floors of the kitchen of our own old post office myself at the moment!)

  8. I'm very much looking forward to seeing the verandas opened up. I think your house is going to look amazing! How lucky to be married to a builder too. Loving this blog Ed. :-)

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