Sunday, May 12, 2013

Renovator's Kitchen

After five or so months in our shell of a kitchen, this afternoon we packed up and moved onto the back verandah instead.

As I've mentioned before, this is so we can basically seal off half the house and start work in there.

While having a kitchen on a verandah doesn't sound ideal, it's actually a step up for us in many ways. We have brought up some cupboards from the shed to use in here, so it actually has more storage than the kitchen we've used so far, which had exactly no cupboards.

Kitchen, these days.
The kitchen we've used so far. (The actual real, forever kitchen will go here too)

Setting up the back verandah to use as a kitchen was relatively straightforward. Dan put his plumber's hat on this morning, running new pipes from here to there to divert our water to where we need it to be -- and installing a sink mixer on the old laundry trough.

Today, he's a plumber.

This is the beginnings of our makeshift kitchen. 


For cooking, we have a large countertop oven with two hotplates on the top, plus an array of electric frypans and grills, a slowcooker and, of course, we can just use the BBQ.

So, in many ways a step up for us from the last five months. But I'll probably save my rejoicing until the real kitchen is up and running. 


  1. What would you do without handyman Dan?

    1. Probably not take on projects like this to begin with! ;-)

  2. I'm so excited for you. I know you have a long way to go, but each step is a little adventure on it's own.

  3. It's all part of the adventure ! onward with the new kitchen.
    Those old cement laundry tubs make Awesome herb gardens, which can be elevated,with a few bricks, to a comfortable working height (and up where the dogs can't pee on them) near the door closest to the kitchen and in plenty of sun. Just remember put some pebbles over the plug hole, so the soil doesn't block it up.

  4. Good luck! I will follow along your journey... ;-)

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