Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Study

One of the things I'm most looking forward to with the renovation of the Big House is having an office/study to work from.

This is the room as it looks now. It's a junk room/pantry/ironing room.  It's where the post office was, originally. It's also a complete mess.



It's at the end of the verandah and can only be accessed from there. The locals used to queue on the verandah to get in, apparently.

You have no idea how much I wish this verandah was open today.

This wall between the study and the kitchen will be mostly removed, so the two spaces are connected. 


I'm really keeping things real with the photos today. I probably could have cleaned up a little. 

If men have their sheds, what space do women have? I think it depends on the woman. For me, a study with my computers and books and gadgets is the ultimate indulgent space. I'll also have a little corner for my sewing stuff. 

Do you have a room or space of your own? What kind of room?


  1. My room or space of my own is between my ears. Its the only place i can think! LOL I didnt use to but this year i made a veggie garden and i can be out there for hours by myself. Sometimes i dont do anything but wander and relax and dream about chickens. I love its greenness (is that a word). I can always find a computer available. There are 6 in the house with two tech heads. Apparently you need one for media, a couple for gaming, some portable and and office one. Even the phones go on line. Arhhhhh. I think every woman needs her space, even if its just desk in the corner in a kid free zone. My Mum has a conservatory with a little table a chair for having a cup of tea and reading. Its lovely.

  2. I don't have it yet but soon I will have a little sewing/creative room of my own and a walk in pantry with a study nook in it. It will have a computer, all the important school bits and pieces and hopefully a lock so I can hide in there blogging if the kids are driving me bonkers! mel x

  3. When we bought this old farmhouse 14 years ago it was because of the promise of a vast empty dirt floored room under the house becoming a studio.
    It is still a vast dirt floored room. It is not a studio.
    I went back to work to get a good space to work in for my hands and brain and spirit after last year. A change is as good as a holiday .
    Work is my space!