Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lounge Room Reshuffle

It's shaping up to be a manic weekend here, hopefully the last for a while. I've been running around buying irrigation pipe and bore fittings and other bits and pieces to get water to Little House's paddock. 

The cottage is nearly finished inside. Just a few last little jobs and then I'll go and take a lot of photos. We're super happy with how it's come up. 

Over at our place, I did a bit of a pre-renovation lounge room reshuffle because I got the strangest phone call yesterday. 

I have been looking for a recliner for Dan. I hate the look of recliners, but Dan likes to be as horizontal as possible while watching TV and is too tall to stretch out on our couch if I'm on it too. 

Pre renovation lounge room revamp.
I know, that painting is wonky and way too high. I will get right on to fixing it.

He'd taken to lying on the floor on Lucinda's little pink foam chair every night. If there's anything more tragic than watching a 6 foot man come home from working an insanely long day to curl up in his daughter's tiny foam chair and go to sleep, I can't imagine what it is. 

I needed to suck it up. I found this pair going on Gumtree and emailed an enquiry a week ago. Then I decided they were too big, we didn't need two and didn't follow it up further. 

Yesterday morning, the owner called me and pleaded with me to buy them as he was moving house this weekend and didn't have room. Conveniently, Dan's folks were driving out from Brisbane that morning and had plenty of room in their bus, so I made an offer.

$200 later, we have two leather Moran recliners. As far as recliners go, they're not the worst I've ever seen.  Dan looked ever so content snoozing in one last night. 


Meanwhile, our new tenant/lodger is moving in over this weekend and a couple of her beautiful horses are here already. Lucinda is over the moon. There's more horses to come - hence the mad dash to get water across to the paddock.

New horses. Ok, they're lou's ( new tenant), but I can pretend.

Finally, here's a pretty sunset, just because. Aaaah.

The sunsets here are just bloody outstanding.


  1. I am not a big fan of recliners either but they don't look too bad with your other lounge!

  2. Yes I'm with you about the recliners. yes they are comfy but not the prettiest of seating.
    You did well with your ones though.

  3. At least the worker will be happy now, you might be able to resell one - can't wait to see photo's of the little house - Jen

  4. So pleased for your fast progress. My hubby would love a recliner too, I think you have found about the nicest ones I have seen and they do go well with your lounge. Your walls are gorgeous shade of green by the way, such a traditional colour. mel x

  5. Hey. Whats a country home without big comfortable chairs?...even if they're not the prettiest. A couple of vintage rugs or throws and they'll look fabulous and will be perfect for cold winter nights.

  6. i agree, throw a quilt over the top, lay back, and you'll forget why you hated it in the first place.

  7. And if you ever find yourself with a stuffy head, they do make for an easier night's sleep! I actually sleep sitting in a recliner about 60% of the time because of my Fibro - it relieves the pressure points so the pain is bearable.

  8. That sunset photo looks amazing...I'm with you on the recliner chairs......however they are very functional and hubby needs to chill out after his hard day's work. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  9. I don't think the recliners look that bad! Plus I always think that ultimately a house has to be functional and fulfill all your needs and then be attractive (and I honestly think it will be gorgeous if it looks used and loved hence there is always space of things that make a family member happy...although I did draw the line at my husband mounting his new snowboard on the wall!!!).

    Love your couch.

  10. Love 'em or hate 'em I think you scored a good buy. They blend with the couch and the room, they're leather and they only cost $100 each and Dan can go to sleep comfortably when he's supposed to be watching TV ;P. When your horsey tenant arrives ask her if she uses clear glycerine saddle soap and where she buys it. Not only does it do a champion job on cleaning and protecting saddlery it's brilliant for leather furniture. The fact that your lounge room may smell like a tack shed for a few days afterwards could be irritating if you're not much of a horsey person though! Love the sunset photo :)

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