Wednesday, April 24, 2013


The other day, I realised I was a bit stressed out. There's a lot going on in our little world right now - new jobs, new commitments, new things-that-shan't-be-discussed-on-the-internet-but-are-a-big-deal-to-us.

{No, I'm not pregnant}

I thought of my camera - my actual, proper, not-an-iPhone-camera - sitting in a dusty pile in the corner of our bedroom and decided to have a go, because it's undoubtedly something that forces me to take on a stillness and be calm for a while - more so than snapping a photo with my phone and uploading it to Instagram, anyway.

I realised I was shooting things in the theme of pairs. Ladybugs ( I caught them at an intimate moment, as you can see), birds, flowers. 

Every time you step outside here, there's something gorgeous to look at. Nearly every day we meet a new creature - a turtle on the road, an echidna, a little lost goat, a Rosella, a kookaburra, horses, one of a procession of the beautiful butterflies that hovers here daily.

This one, for example, spent a while sitting on the stair landing the other day. It was so tame I almost wanted to reach out and pat it.

A visitor.

We have snakes, oh yes we do, but they're part of a much bigger and ever-so-fascinating eco-system.

For every snake we've seen (and, bizarrely, the snakes are increasingly earning our compassion too - our very, very wary and cautious compassion), we've seen a thousand more welcome animals.

We feel so very lucky to live here.

Inspire me - what do you do to relax?


  1. Taking the time to slow down and appreciate your surroundings like you have done and documented it gives you the chance to be in the moment, either that or go and have a bubble bath in your tenants new bath (ha ha) they might get one hell of a shock to see the landlord taking a bath in their bathroom. Either that or get the glass of wine or chocolate and a good rom-com and settle in for the evening. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. I like to make pom-poms to relax. It's repetitive and choosing colours is fun and then I end up with something groovy. You don't need a PHd to make pom-poms either. (I did think you were pregnant for a sec. Glad you clarified!)

  3. Snakes are just part of rural living and urban also - I am told. Love your blog x

  4. Cuppa or coffee made from fresh ground beans,sitting on North facing deck looking at the garden, day dreaming about stuff still to be done, little frog pond,pale paving, BIG pots with Heleconias,private little tropical paradise. Watching the butterflys dance around the dark pink Budllia that smells like raseberry cordial.
    Hammock time is pretty good or if it is cold, nothing more relaxing than knitting or hand quilting.......ah bliss !

  5. Love the photos especially the butterfly. To relax I walk the dogs, as there's always something to see, or sit under the alder tree and read a book or watch the world go by while I drink a cup of tea. I also watch cardmaking vids on youtube as I can always find a new one to try when I make time.
    Cheers, Rob xo

  6. Lovely pics Edwina. I love how a wander around the garden has an instantly calming effect as well, stop and smell the roses right.

  7. I like to sit on our front verandah and listen to the birds in our gum trees, so peaceful.

  8. I like a bit of crochet and have finally gotten back into reading after a hiatus where I was unable to focus on the swimmy black words without being ill. A bit of sleep is nice occasionally too!