Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunday Bits and Pieces

I've decided to start doing a regular Sunday round up of little bits and pieces from through the week that aren't really part of any bigger story.

On Friday afternoon, we received a shipment of goodies my mother packed up and sent from Hobart. Among them was this chest of drawers, which was mine as a girl. Actually, now I see this photo - do you see the tail end of a grey toy horse in Lucinda's cot? That was mine too. 

You can move across the country but hand-me-downs always find you... which is a good thing, when they're as nice as these drawers. 

Drawers fresh off the boat from Tassie. They were mine as a little girl.

One of our routines now is to make scrambled eggs with herbs and cheese every morning. It's something Lu can help with, and she loves the results afterwards. As the mornings are getting incredibly chilly already in this old, drafty house, watching the steam rise off a plate of hot eggs is a nice start to the day.

Egg on her face.

Misty morning.

And here's a few shots from the garden. This rose was left here by the previous owner. I've never been mad about roses, but maybe I could change my mind.

I love this #rose

This photo featured in that slideshow I put up last week, but I like it. So here it is again. 


And the beginnings of a plant I am hoping to put in the ground soon... a loofah/luffa vine. Fresh loofahs for the shower, coming right up (one day...)!


Anyone else grown/growing loofahs? Any pointers?


  1. Gorgeous photos - my little girl has the grey cardigan Lu has on in the egg photo. It gets worn to death.

    I love roses - have got about 40 in our garden - so pretty and tough.

  2. I wasn't really into roses either, until my Grandfather died. He only grew 4 rose bushes, but he spent lots of time caring for them.
    After he died I asked my Grandmother what the 4 roses were called.
    They were Queen Elizabeth, Buccaneer, Peace, & Josephine Bruce.
    She had her own fave rose called Double Delight, so after she died I ordered all 5 of them. The smell from all of these is just gorgeous & every time they flower,I smell each rose, knowing that the smell is the same smell my Grandparents smelt. These roses keep my grandparents memory alive & gives me a real connection to them. It makes missing them easier :D

    1. What a gorgeous connection to have to them.

  3. Lovely photos. I like roses and have one red and one yellow flowering bush. I use the red one for rose vinegar, which I use a tablespoon of diluted in a cup of water in the final rinse in the washing machine. I haven't done roses in oil yet for my homemade soap but that is a future project on my to-do list.
    This post might help you with the loofah growing and I've had it bookmarked as I want to try growing loofahs in the future
    I'm thinking loofahs with a big dob of rose scented soap in the middle would be nice as part of a birthday/christmas gift for female family/friends.
    Cheers, Robyn xo

  4. That's a really beautiful dresser, glad it found you again :)
    I love roses but hubs hates them in the garden and we've never had much luck with the ones we've had. Still beautiful flowers though!
    Rhonda from Down To Earth has mentioned growing loofahs - she could probably give you some tips/pointers.
    Cheers Judy xx

  5. I was never that keen on growing roses before but the hardy little one in the front garden has changed my mind.
    I havent grown loofahs before but would like too. best of luck with your little plant.

  6. I had no idea that loofas grew on a vine. Bizarre. I'm just picturing the vine growing in through the bathroom window with loofas dangling there ready to be scrubbed with! I love roses with scent as they never seem to have it in the shops. I can agree with Lynell's grandmother that Double delight is absolutely gorgeous both in looks and smell and we have one growing in Betsy's front garden. mel x

  7. I love your roses. We've inherited roses from the previous owners and no sign of any flowers and we've been here 18 months. There is one in the ground and another in a pot - I think I'll have to give them a good talking to. I have got loofahs everywhere at the moment butI'm wondering if you might have trouble with frosts starting off this time of year? We don't get frosts here (Caloundra). They love to climb and the secret is to leave them well alone to dry out thoroughly. We've had a lot of rain this summer so I picked a lot as soon as they got big rather than risk them rotting on the vine. This is my first year of successful loofah growing (previously I had two tiny ones). If you start trying to peel them too early they don't harden up and just crumble - they should be brown and hard on the outside before you peel them.

  8. Lovely drawers for your daughter to cherish as she grows up. A wood heater would chase away the chills and you have a little pile of concrete samples I see, with dates?

  9. i've been away from your blog but catching up has been so lovely. incredible to see how much you have achieved! the rose photo is glorious -i can smell its perfume from here. and what a clever idea to have your laundry sink/washing machine in the bathroom - i imagine that wil be very conveneient.