Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bits and Pieces

Work in the garden has been continuing in its gentle way. It's a never ending process, luckily I have good helpers.

Chores. You'll be shocked at the footwear @gibbergunyah\

Sunday afternoon. ❤

I was laid up yesterday with a headache, which gave me ample time to admire the breezeways. I'll admit, I'd noticed the two weren't the same but hadn't observed them closely enough to notice that they would once have been the same, had someone not snapped two pieces out of the right one. Another thing to fix.

Death by headache #couchbound #theviewfromhere

On Friday, we had an early morning start at the Marburg Show, where I watched my neighbour's boy while she competed in the equestrian events.


And on Thursday, we had breakfast at the Forest Hill Store. I love this place. It has lots of great clothes, great food and coffee and Forest Hill is the loveliest little town to have explore.

It makes me so happy to know that we may have moved out of the city, but we can still find good cafes and little shops nearby.

Forest Hill Store

Mimmis in Forest Hill. Such a cute shop.
Mimmi's, also in Forest Hill. Gorgeous gifts and homewares.

Another example is Potato Studio in Laidley. It was one of the first places I landed during our first week in the Lockyer Valley when I poured my heart out to the owner, Nicole, over the counter in a gush of fatigue and stress. Lu and I have been regular visitors ever since, although I usually manage not to get quite so emotional now. Unless I am particularly moved by the gorgeous things for sale, of course.

Potato Studio in Laidley. Love.

Now it's Monday, and there's something exciting happening this week: a woman who grew up in our area and remembers our house as it once looked will be coming out for coffee on Thursday to tell me about its original appearance and the history of the neighbourhood. She's been hunting for some photos for us but no luck yet.

Still, I can't wait to get some of her stories down on paper. Exciting times!


  1. Hi Edwina
    Wouldn't have noticed the difference in the breezeways if you hadn't pointed it out, but can understand you wanting to have everything just so as you are working so hard to achieve this.
    Had a look online at Mimmi's store - good thing I don't live close! I recently visited a friend in Loxton and found a gorgeous homewares shop/cafe - lucky that's a 3 hour drive away too!
    How exciting that you will be able to meet up with the former neighbour - we were lucky when we moved into our last house which was built in 1955 (the lady who owned it had moved into care) as there were 2 original neighbours and they were able to give us so much information. It was terrific.
    Cheers Judy

  2. That is exciting getting to found out some more history of your house, I am itching to get back the archives with all my title searches but alas no time lately. Love that pic of Mimmi's- is the gorgeous old car always there or did you just get really lucky with your pic? mel x

  3. I love homewares shops in country towns-a little less picked through! It will be wonderful to find out a bit more history of your home!

  4. I love that you have found someone who knows the history of your place, I hope you get some photos at some point

  5. So good of you to give the small towns a plug, we plan on driving up through there now that it's a bit cooler. It'll be exciting to hear of more history about your home.

    1. It's the perfect time to visit - not too hot and nice and green. Definitely put Laidley and Forest Hill on your list to visit! Sunday jazz and lunch at Spicers Hidden Vale (near Grandchester) is another winner.

  6. Love the gumboot and striped leggings combo. Plus I love the glimpses into the town.area near you. This make me want to move to the country.

  7. i wish i looked as cute doing the gardening as Lu does :-) methinks i need some yellow gumboots!

  8. My hubby and I recently had a date day (all the kids were busy for the day - yay) and went to Forest Hill Store for a coffee. So lovely. Didn't go across to Mimmis as I really want to show my daughter all the lovely things and the hubby would be bored. Next we went to Laidley and the Potato Studio is goregous. Next time I have to go to the tea shop down the other end of the street. Beautiful place. Glad we moved out here from Brissie too. Good luck with your house!!

    1. Do you mean Rustique Rose? I usually get a coffee there when I go into Laidley. Great little shop :-)

  9. The car in front of Mimmi's belongs to me :) Nearly fell off my chair when i spotted this. Great photo! My family absolutely love Forest Hill, the best breakfast in the country :)

    1. Oh really??! How great!! It's a gorgeous car, I am very envious. Definitely agree with the Forest Hill breakfast, those eggs benedict are to die for. Do you live locally?