Friday, August 2, 2013

Big House Gets A New Roof

After much umming and ahhing and will we and won't we, I'm happy to report that we've made the executive decision to hire a roofer for Big House.

We need a roof urgently, but Dan had been toying with the idea of putting a new one on the house himself.

That would have been great and all, except he doesn't have time and as the months keep ticking by and the water keeps dripping in, a new roof seems a pretty high priority place to direct our dollars.

We've also got a check measure on Monday for the new kitchen for Big House. And then? Financially? We're done for a while. The kitchen and roof will pretty much sap everything we've got left.

That's not the end of the world. We'll rig up some temporary solutions to get us through until we can get a bit more cash together and get more materials.

We're hoping to be in Big House again by early next year.

Little House Front Verandah

In the meantime, with Summer right around the corner, if you're looking for me over the next few months, I suspect the Little House front verandah is where I'll be... It's a lovely spot to hide on a Sunny afternoon.


  1. Good decision I think Edwinda. Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and farm the work out. I'm sure it will be worth it. That verandah looks like a nice spot! Summer will be here before we know it. cheers Wendy

  2. Sorry Edwina, I should have had my glasses on I think ..

  3. I am always envious of houses with good roofs. Ours is a shocker but we just can't afford it. Hopefully one day soon. Need to win tatts. Your verandah looks like the perfect spot for a gin and tonic x

    1. Yeah, they're not cheap. Hence the complete budget wipeout, but I guess worth it to have the house watertight. x

  4. Hi Edwina, it's not really worth doing any work inside if you have a leaky roof - any improvements could be jeopardised - and you wouldn't want to damage your brand new kitchen! January 2014 will be here before you know it. xx

  5. The roof all done will take a load off you worrying about rain damage to what has been done inside, that's the way with reno's, 2 steps forward, one step back.
    An expensive reroof is a bit of a setback to general progress, but as soon as you are back in the big house, the little one can be rented out and the extra money will soon have the bank balance looking better.
    Ceiling fans make a big difference to coping with the heat, you might find having one in the little house will make it much more comfortable in the Summer, the basic models are not expensive, about $80.
    So good to see the lovely old house being strengthened, repaired and brought to life again, she will be outstanding :)

  6. Very cool. And very wise. Sometimes, you need an outside opinion to add some more detail and insight to the whole thing, just to optimize the output you can have. So that's a good thing. Hope it's got good aesthetic as well.

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