Monday, August 19, 2013

New Lights and Windows

I've been trying to find pendant lights I like for a while and had been hell-bent on getting some aqua coloured ones for the living room. (I posted a picture on Facebook last night - thanks to everyone who gave wonderful suggestions!)

HOWEVER, when I took into account the yellow and green coloured glass in the sliding windows in the room (you can just see them in the third photo down here), I decided the lights really had to be neutral. 

 I ended up buying four large charcoal coloured pendant lights (the ones on the right here - they look black in this photo but aren't) and three smaller cream coloured ones for the kitchen. 

I guess I had windows on the mind, because I came home and started to look on Gumtree for some pretty leadlight windows for the 'garden bar' (that dilapidated little structure on our property that we've decided should become an outdoor bar...but that's a post for another day) and I saw these. 

And it was love. 

Lu and I went and picked them up this afternoon and brought them home. They need repainting but the timber and putty is in good condition, which is more than can be said for most of the old windows in our place.

They're way too big for the garden bar, but they'll be perfect for the bathroom. The idea is that they'll be installed above the bathtub, so you can either open them and gaze out at the view or just lie in your very own pretty rainbow...


  1. oh, I love coloured glass. That's the one thing missing from our little QLDer, I would like to add a coloured window eventually. Second-hand is a great idea :)

  2. Oh Edwina, they are absolutely gorgeous and will be perfect for your bathroom. I am such a sucky for headlights, would have filled the house with them, still looking for some casements that would work with our new front doors. The stashing and collecting for impending renos is such a fun task. mel x

  3. Love those windows! They are so cute!

    And your pendants are lovely too!

  4. The lead light windows are gorgeous.

    I have been lurking Gumtree for months looking for cheap and free building materials. I probably shouldn't as I am tempted by so many things but haven't anywhere to store them and when I do move to the block it would be more stuff to move. If I found a little gem like these windows though - mountains would be moved! :)

  5. I love these windows! What a fun idea to put them in a bathroom! :)

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