Sunday, August 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning

Spring has arrived. It's early, and it caught me a little off guard if I'm going to be completely honest.

Earlier this week, this is what the gardens all around Little House looked like - overgrown, weed-filled and oh so inviting to our soon-to-be back slithery friends...

Over the last few days, I've been hard at work clearing the yard. All that garden bed is now cleared back to bare Earth.

 Yesterday, I had a day's help from my in-laws. They cleared out all the undergrowth around the flowerbeds and we picked up all the old, rotting pieces of timber and carpet the previous owners had left around the base of the Little House. I've got a final whipper snip to do and then I can do a reveal on our new, snake-safe gardens.

  Next week, Dan and I are planning to put in a metal mesh product around the base of the house, dug slightly into the ground to further discourage anything unwelcome from getting under this house, which has the kind of gaps and spaces throughout it that only an old, wonky, slightly rotted building can have.

The final precaution we're taking is a serious gap filling session, which I will go into more next week when I do it.

I've also started planting a hedge down the side of Little House, to screen it from the neighbours (eventually). We finally decided on Mock Orange and I just can't wait until they're a little bigger than this...


  1. Nice choice of hedging plant - we will be planting the same to gain some privacy from neighbours too! xx

  2. Snakes give me the heebies too! How amazing has this 'winter' been? x

  3. The mock Orange will make a wonderful hedge, it needs regular fertiliser and watering for the first few years, but after that it pretty much takes care of its self.It looks good all year and the perfume is soooo lovely.
    My first hedge was a couple of Passion fruit vines, cheap and almost instant privacy !!!

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