Sunday, November 18, 2012

On Perspective

I left yesterday's inspection of the property feeling pretty uninspired. Work, work everywhere. An overwhelming amount of work.

Project scale: Insurmountable.

I had forgotten something, though. Renovations don't need to happen overnight. In fact, it's better if they don't. It's better to let a house settle and tell its stories before you come in and pull it apart and turn it into something it may have never wanted to be.

Today, we went and spent the afternoon with friends at a home we hadn't visited before.

The house is a similar era to the one we're (hopefully) taking on. The owners have been working on the place for the better part of a decade and it's not 'done' yet.

No one seemed too worried about it.

For us, as soon as we pulled into the driveway we both knew straight away it was going to be a good afternoon.

Because, there's just something about big old verandas on country houses that leads to good afternoons.    

I can't explain it, it just works. Kids running around. Adults having a drink, chatting, laughing. Colour and sound.

Our house doesn't need to be done straight away. String up some lanterns, some pot plants, a washing line. Fill it food and wine and people you love and happy afternoons.

No one's going to care if your walls are four shades of mint green for a while, least of all you.


  1. Nice, great attitude. Nothing wrong with mint green, anyway :)
    Beautiful house in the pics.... that would be pretty inspiring!!

  2. that looks like a happy home to me....great inspiration!. You have chosen an adventure....a real "girls own adventure" lol plus your its gonna take some time...longer the better! (more posts for me!)
    Allison x
    ps i see you read sues post!...eek keep a shovel handy.

  3. You can take as long as you like renovating when you have a beauty of a Queenslander like that.xx

  4. We've spent four years just working on the plans alone! If our house was a little larger, I would move into it as it stands now - the colour of the paint, etc would not bother me in the least. Now that I have four kids in tow, I'm wondering whether I should wait until they move out before I renovate! xx

  5. Beautiful photos! I love qlders (the houses that is) and miss the Lockyer Valley! Looking fwd to reading more about your reno and self-sufficiency adventures. Cheers, Liz

  6. Four shades of mint green, anytime. (the same cannot be said for custard I hasten to add) Totally agree about the slow reno process. We have lived in Betsy for two years and it took a full year to appreciate the light, the change of seasons, the flow and what would bring out her best. Another year to get my husband to agree with me on 95% of the decisions and hey presto, we are nearly there. mel x

  7. how wonderful. i guess you have that balance of getting it perfect and getting it right enough to live in :-)
    i love the crazy smashed up path.

  8. I'm looking forward to following your adventures. If you take inspiration from the gorgeous house in these shots then I'm sure your reno will be wonderful. Good luck.
    PS introduced to your blog via Brismod at Fun and VJ's

  9. I live in a rental that is falling down around us. But it is my home because it is filled with MY family. My partner, my two children and our crazy cat. Your house (houses) will be ready when ever you are.

    Gorgeous photos!