Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Photographic Introduction

So, yesterday. We got into nearly every room in the place this time. The mysterious pantry was still locked off.

We made it into the bedroom in the main house (it was messy, but just a bedroom) and we made it into the fourth bedroom I hadn't even realised existed, which was the original post office room - set at the end of the long veranda. 

In even better news, there was plenty of evidence that a lot of cleaning up was being done. The owners were on their way to look at a place they wanted to buy in Brisbane. 

All good signs everything is going to plan. 

So, here's a look:

The more we see, the more we like, despite feeling slightly overwhelmed at the sheer size and scope of this as a project.

It's almost like three homes in one - the postmaster's living quarters, the post office end of the home and then the school house.

Not to mention the rundown paddocks and yards, shed, cattle crush and so on.

Then, there's the fact we want to get snake-proof fencing in as soon as possible. Build a veggie garden, get some chickens.

We're under no illusions that this won't be a huge amount of work...

But we are really, really thrilled to have the chance to tackle it.


  1. Hi there Edwina - I lurked on your other blog, now I'm a follower.
    What a great project. You have an enormous amount of work ahead of you both, but gee won't it be fun!? The house has so much potential, I'll be following till I see the 'after' photos, and then some. All the best! cheers Wendy

    1. Thanks Wendy! We can't wait, but yes - we'll be living rough for a while and working very hard to boot. Hopefully it'll be worth it one day...

  2. Looks like a great old place, look forward to seeing the transformation :)

  3. Congrats Edwina and how terribly exciting! I accidentally deleted my entire blogroll so it has taken me a week to find it all again and look, you have bought a new house. It looks incredible, what a grand old girl, love those wrap around verandahs. And you won't know her once you've ripped up all that cruddy old lino, painted it all white and polished the floors. Easy peasy. Can I suggest a housewarming lino ripping party? We did that for our last house and just provided the beer and tim tams and a skip and it was done in no time. Cannot wait to see more. mel x ps and I love a house with history- I have been finding out heaps about Betsy, so exciting.

    1. The housewarming/ free labour party is definitely on the cards. You pull up our crappy floor coverings all day, we give you a sausage in bread and a couple of beers! Fair trade or what?! ;-)

  4. i'm excited for you guys! this house really is gorgeous, especially all the little details in the doors and ceiling. thanks for letting us all follow along ;)

    xx, Kara

  5. Wow! Looks like a great project with a great history. Best of luck.
    Penny x