Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kitchen Snake

Today, we gained entry to the pantry. It was pretty awful. It was by far the worst room of the house, although technically and structurally it's just part of the built in veranda, which we've already established needs serious attention, so I suppose it wasn't really surprising.

We also noticed an interesting hole in the kitchen floor. The owner was quick to tell us not to worry, it was only a shotgun hole from where they'd shot the last snake to get into the kitchen. 

No, of course that doesn't worry me, why would it? 

Then, we discovered evidence of a chunk of land that had washed away in the 2011 floods. Again, nothing unexpected. There is a creek running through the property, we knew the water levels had run high then, but it will mean a load of rocks and fill to fix it and stabilise that section of riverbank.

Dan, who has built and renovated more than a few houses in his time, seems very unphased by the work that needs to be done there. I'm trying to feel reassured by that. It's an achievable goal, it will just mean rolling up our sleeves and getting a lot of dirty work done for a while - and living pretty rough.

But, when I visualise it as we want it to look eventually- open verandas with all trims, a picket fenced lawn for Lucinda to play on, veggie gardens, a chicken run, a couple of farm animals, a couple of dogs, containers of herbs and flowers, a cottage for our guests - I know it's going to be worth it.

But for now, I need to go and pour a glass of wine to get the image of Kitchen Snake from my mind.


  1. Aaah, the old kitchen snake. Love your discovery of the shotgun hole. Remember I have had snakes both under my bed and in my kitchen trapped by a red ceramic tagine as in inner suburban Brisbane I did not feel a need for a shotgun! You can do this and your house will be wonderful. Loving all your photos too. mel x

  2. Just recently happened upon your blog, either via Ivy Nest or Down To Earth, can't remember which. I'm going to love reading about this journey you are on!! Don't let a few snakes deter you, or shoddy workmanship by previous owners. You guys are the caretakers of this beautiful building, its up to you to continue its story in respect and love. What a gem! Those shiny new lego buildings in our cities have nothing on the challenge before you. Best of luck!! And I'll be reading along the way :)

  3. It really will be amazing and I'm so looking forward to watching you gys bring this amazing place back to life!
    ps great shots :) (photographic shots, not gun shots, ahem)

  4. Oh I hate snakes! you are very brave x

  5. Oh bugger, I read your blog post last night and shuddered. Little did I know then that today I would have my own close encounter!! I won't fill your comments space with my story, but you'll be able to read about it on my blog in a few hours (when I stop shaking).

    I'm enjoying your journey, your photos are superb. I've shared your link with my friend in the UK who is now following your blog with great interest, too.

  6. Remember, these are the stories that you will look back on one day and laugh. Luckily you have the blog to document it too. All will be fine. Enjoy! Don't let a snake or two worry you. cheers Wendy

  7. My advice, not that you asked lol, is to make at least some of the things you want to do for Lucinda a priority. Otherwise, she will grow and change before you know it and you'll constantly be playing catch up.
    Once again Edwina, I must complement you on your photography. xx

  8. That's hilarious! I can just imagine some bushie drawling laconically, "don't worry love, that's just where we shot the snake...". you will see the funny side in a few years' time. hopefully.
    good you have a partner who is not phased by it. danwill be your rock during the testing times (may i loan him occasionally?).

  9. I freak out if a cockroach ever appears not sure how I would ever deal with a kitchen snake.