Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bathroom Woes

What if your bathroom looked like this.

Say the shower had been pulled off the wall by your husband so he could attach the high pressure hose for use INSIDE the house (don't even get me started).

Say your rickety toilet, an afterthought built into the hottest corner of the back verandah, carried the scars of abandoned wasps nests. And they weren't even that old.

Say the ceilings were unlined and when the sun shone, which was pretty much always, you could almost bake to death in the time it took to relieve yourself.

Although, luckily, there were spots where the cladding had been hacked away by the roofers so at least you had a bit of ventilation. 

What if you knew that most of this back verandah still had to be built in, incorporated into a bathroom and the 'master suite' - although, mercifully, you had decided to incorporate a large section of open verandah into that suite mainly you couldn't be bothered doing anything more significant with it (also, private back verandah accessible only from French doors off master bedroom? Yes please!)

If all of this were true, well, you might find yourself up against the occasional wall of renovation fatigue. 

We're pretty cozy and comfortable living over in the renovated comfort of Little House, which probably explains our slow-down. I feel a need for a bit of motivation though, so I'm going to raid Pinterest for some bathroom inspiration ideas today to share tomorrow. 

Who knows, maybe before I'm old and grey, I'll get to put them to use!


  1. This made me laugh. It was only last week that my 13 year old suggested that we bring the high pressure cleaner hose in through the bathroom window to clean our bathroom. Boys! xxoo

  2. Yep, thank goodness you moved back into the little cottage! Slowly but surely and you'll get there in the end, Edwina. xx

  3. It's a cycle. Sometimes you are motivated, sometimes you need a break, and then just as randomly get started again. Luckily you are happy living in the little house!! x

  4. Hi Edwina, our bathroom was gutted 5 weeks ago, so no shower or bath. Thank goodness for a separate toilet. We have borrowed the family mobile home with a shower in it so that's been parked in the driveway. That's fabulous, but oh, I'm looking forward to finally having a shower where you can stretch your arms out!! Timber floorboards have been laid in the loungeroom and hallway too. I know it'll be great eventually, but it's such a dusty messy process. At least our food is out of the bookcase now.... don't ask.. I read your blog regularly, it gives me hope that it's progressing and will end ONE day! melindi

    1. Oh yes, I am very familiar with the food in bookcase set-up! Good luck getting over the line!

  5. oh woe indeed! Hopefully your bathroom will be ready for the colder weather?
    When we reno'd our bathroom we were showering outside with camp shower set up. Fine till the cooler weather set in - progress seemed to speed up remarkably!

    1. We're living in the cottage where the bathroom is newly renovated and very comfortable, which takes the pressure off a little! We had hoped to get into this house by Winter but... we'll see!

  6. We once renovated a house for a friend, and had to shower outside. There was a shower curtain rigged up, but we were at the bottom of a slope so the neighbours up the hill could look down on us.... the good thing about renovating is that things are continually getting better. You have already come so far.

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