Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Apple Green

The other day,  Lucinda's Grandma came to visit and I decided to take some time to do something constructive on the house. I bought a new, extra-large paint scraper and spent a couple of hours continuing the painstaking process that is getting rid of the crumbly pink acrylic paint from the master bedroom.

The old paint fell away in long strips leaving the original lead paint wall behind. It is painted - shock, horror - apple green. 

Up the other end of the house, the ceilings continue to dazzle with their bright white radiance and the apple green walls are slowly disappearing under a layer of white undercoat - a precursor to the light, ever-so-slightly-grey tone I've picked for the walls.

I found myself looking at the cream pendant lights I'd bought for the kitchen and suddenly they were all wrong. I knew I was going to need some colour somewhere in an otherwise very neutral space. I briefly considered painting them bright orange but couldn't kick the feeling that it wouldn't have worked with the era of the house.

So, I took the pendants back to Ikea and exchanged them for apple green ones. 

I couldn't be happier. Our house will continue its love affair with green, just in a much more restrained way.


  1. Perfect! I love the nod to the history of a house. I've been following your blog for a while now, thanks to Rhonda Hetzel's mention. You guys are very impressive and ambitious with your renos! We (my husband and two kids) are saving up to complete our final stage: a master bedroom with an ensuite and (hopefully) enough room for a decent sized wardrobe given we've been sleeping in a living room for the past 5 years. Wouldn't change the experience for the world though!


  2. Yes, perfect :) I think that pop of green will be perfect for your home, such a nice shade of green. I'm loving watching your home come together, and am a little bit jealous to be honest, we would love to renovate an old home one day! Perhaps we're a little bit mad. On the weekend we will be moving interstate though, back to our old home which we kind-of/sort-of starting renovating three years ago. Nothing major like ripping walls out or new kitchens, but we did get the exterior painted in the colours we wanted and planned the yard and garden. Happy trails!

  3. Absolutely perfect! I was loving the orange idea but this seems so right.

  4. The green and pink colours certainly were popular in our queenslanders as ours was pink on the outside and green inside. Must have been the limitations of the paint pigments available for lead paint. I have starting painting our exterior Taubman's Silver Blaze half strength after taking a long time working out the colour. and am pleased with our decision. It looks grey against white but white against grey. Now we are looking into the Resene Cool Colour range for handrail paint. Does the green light fit over a single bulb dangling from the ceiling rose? We have four of them and need something other than the bare bulbs. Painting is much more calming than scraping so I am pleased to see the undercoat happening.

    1. Hi Ruth, no the pendants come as a set with the little cup that sits against the ceiling too. We considered putting on ceiling roses but decided against in the end. It seems silver is all the rage for Queenslanders now. Imagine what they'll be saying about our colour choices in thirty years as they paint over them!

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