Sunday, December 22, 2013

Peel Away on pressed metal ceilings

Yesterday afternoon, work started (again) on the ceilings. The main job of the day was applying the stripper product - Peel Away 8 - to the section of the ceilings we still need to remove paint from.

Basically, you roller the product onto the ceiling and then stick sheets of paper on it. The stripper has to sit for a couple of days and then you pull the paper away and - in an ideal world - the old paint will come with it. 

It's meant to be a safe and easy way to remove lead paint in particular, but I think 'easy' is a relative term when it comes to these nasty jobs. 

Last time we did this, in the kitchen area, we used the paper in the large sheets you buy it in. Unfortunately, they were too heavy and wouldn't stick to the roof. 

We emailed the manufacturer and they recommended ripping the paper into small sheets, which has worked so much better. 

So, the middle section of the ceiling is now sitting in its chemical bath until tomorrow, and Dan has started work back down in the kitchen end.

He's using a wire brush on his drill to get off the last stubborn flakes of paint, then applying a rust converter...

...which is turning the kitchen ceiling from a dingy rusty mess into a dark, slick metal ceiling again. 

What a relief...


  1. Huge job. Your poor aching necks is all I can think! It will be so good when it's finished. Xx

  2. What a job............and on top of it all it's the sore neck and back from bending back and looking up for extended periods of time. Ripping the paper into sheets makes so much more sense, perhaps the manufacturers should have told you this to begin with. Keep going, it is looking good. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. What great work! Keep going, the ceilings are going to look amazing when they are finished. XxBrenda

  4. That ceiling is going to look fabulous after all your hard work. I was just looking at your last post about feeling so tired since moving in. I cannot remember NOT feeling tired since moving here and we don't have acreage! Your garden is looking so much tidier, you must be thrilled despite the work. Wishing your little family a wonderful Christmas, hope you have a bit of feet-up time.