Friday, December 13, 2013

On Leaving The City

Over the last year, Dan and I have had a lot of people ask us whether we miss Brisbane. Both of us have been a little confused by the question.

The thing is - we don't have to miss Brisbane. The CBD is an hour from our front door (that highway is FANTASTIC, by the way). 

We go in often, for all sorts of reasons. I've had many days where I've woken up, desperately craved a coffee and chat with an old friend, and driven in just for that.

But, while there's a lot about Brisbane I really love, I'm always so happy to come back here after. We feel like we get the best of both worlds now. 

So, no. We don't have regrets about moving out of town. We wish our place had been in better condition when we stumbled upon it and our task here had been a little less taxing, perhaps. 

But we still don't regret buying it, because we love its location and we love its potential. I don't think either of us has ever really lost faith in the vision for any great length of time, despite the hard days. In fact, the more energy and elbow grease we've sunk in, the more we've both been heartened by the results. I think it's the vision that's got us through.

After all, it's hard to stay mad with a lifestyle that so clearly gives your child so much.

Our hope is that, some time early next year, we can move into our almost-renovated Queenslander, the hard yards behind us, and actually relax and enjoy it.

Then, we'll know for sure it's all been worthwhile.


  1. If there's a mid-century house out there for sale, I might come out and join you. Brisbane is really always been a country town anyway,xo

  2. It's probably a normal question for people to ask in conversation but as you say you are one hour from Brisbane so not really too far away. I think your daughter is going to benefit from growing up in the country and the peace and tranquility and animals and space....oh I'm jealous just thinking about it. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. I was thinking about you guys as I scooted home from a quick Toowoomba visit. It's certainly a beautiful part of the world and its beauty would definitely make life easier!