Sunday, December 1, 2013

Adventures in Little House Living

It's about five months now since we moved into the newly renovated interior of Little House. 

To relive the before and afters, click here (As you may remember, we had a tenant move in for three months, then we moved in ourselves).

This is what Little House looks like today, perfectly functional but, well, a little too snug some days. It's at this kind of time of the year, when suddenly you're trying to find party dresses and high heels and luggage and Christmas decorations that, suddenly, you become really anxious for more space. 

A bit less vinyl wood grain wall cladding wouldn't hurt, either. (Our renovations didn't make it this far, we ran out of time)

Now, I realise this is technically a perfectly ample space for a small family like ours. I would just love to be able to store more things in my house for the simple reason that our shed, which is where everything gets stored now, is snake paradise. 

I've seen countless snake skins in there and a couple of weeks ago, Dan came back minutes after saying he was going to sort some things out to declare he'd changed his mind after seeing a large snake slithering into a storage box.

That's what worries me. Going in there and opening a box marked 'shoes' or 'books' and finding a nest of baby brown snakes or something. 

I bought new Christmas decorations this year, knowing the old baubles were buried somewhere at the back of the snake zone.

We live on 11 acres with two houses and a large shed. I know I can't legitimately whinge about space constrictions, but I'll be looking forward to getting back up into the big house and actually being able to unpack most of our things for the first time in a year.

I'll be getting someone to check all those boxes out before they leave the shed, though.


  1. Yes I think investing in some new Christmas decorations is far more enticing than ending up with a snake bite in the emergency room of a hospital. When you move back into the big house I would put every box out on the lawn and one by one make sure what's supposed to be them is in fact in them. It's always nice to actually move and settle down...even if it's from the little house to the big house. I'm sure you will enjoy fond memories of your little house this Christmas...just remember big house, more cleaning........enjoy the little house while you can. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

    1. So true! I'm always complaining about how quickly the Little House gets filthy but it's pretty easy to clean it up again after...

  2. Eek! Snakes slithering in your storage shed is going to be strong mental image for me today!! I'd have bought new decorations as well!! xx

  3. They say space attracts things. And the more space you have the more you will cram into it. From looking at your place, this is quite true. But not only are there things but there are three people. So I understand.

  4. what a thing to live with all the time, the thought - the reality - of snakes.
    everythign looks lovely and loved.

  5. erm .... I'm not liking the idea of all those snakes either, can't say I blame you for buying all new decorations. It will be exciting when you do get to see exactly what you have stored.

  6. I'm so glad to hear that you are such a strong supporter of the needs of native Australian wildlife. Who thought that you would be so considerate to the hapless snakes who have been in that country since time immemorial with your provision of comfortable habitat. Mutual respect can provide happy co-existence. I'm looking forward to more in the ongoing episodes of Edwina and her snakes.

  7. Thank you for ur posts - on my daily commute to work I always get a happy sigh when I get an update... Thanks for living the dream and letting us take the ride...... Cheers

  8. Has it really been 5 months since you moved into the little house, where has that gone! You need a cat to take care of those snakes, a lion or tiger perhaps lol. I'm terrified of snakes too.

  9. Snakes in boxes - my worst nightmare! We live in a Queenslander style house with next to no storage so decorating the Christmas tree involves dragging it out from under the house and inspecting it for spiders. I am terrified of finding a snake in there one year. Perhaps you should get a pet mongoose? :P