Monday, January 21, 2013


We got another dog! She's a miniature fox terrier and so far she's been settling in...OK. We found her on Gumtree and she is a year old but has had pretty minimal training as far as we can tell. She can sit on demand but mostly chooses not to. She is also not properly house trained and seems to be completely unphased by our dislike of her using the bathroom as a loo.

She is an outside dog now and I know I've got an uphill battle training her.

We've recently had a system called the Hidden Fence installed. Both dogs now wear collars that administer zaps when they try to go past the perimeter fence of the house block. Maisie, being the canine equivalent of Eeyore, has had two zaps and now refuses to go anywhere near the flags that mark the boundary. She has at least stopped sulking mournfully under the house though and come to terms with the end of her daily sightseeing ventures around the neighbourhood.

Pepper, being more of a determined, gutsy young soul, has worked out if she runs and leaps at the fence, she'll get the shock but she'll also get to the other side. She's still on the lowest setting of the system, as she's still in the training phase. I will have to turn her collar up tonight to try and deter her.

I definitely like the fence system so far. It's awful watching the dogs get the zaps but not as awful as keeping them locked up in a laundry all day because they escape so easily. With livestock all around, many people don't take so kindly to wandering dogs around here.

While I'm on the subject of training, I've been working with Lucinda and a rubber snake to try and teach her wariness. She can now say 'nik' (snake) and knows to give that ever present rubber snake a wide berth. I just hope she doesn't think all 'niks' come with orange and red stripes!


  1. That reminds me of the time we got an incontinent kitten who refused to be housetrained. I was six weeks pregnant, and my husband broke his leg the same week..

    Hoping your story only gets better..

  2. You do what you have to do. Don't worry about the zaps ... the RSPCA would be all over it if there was a problem. I think humans have an innate fear of snakes. It's a Biblical thing.

  3. Good idea with the snake training!

  4. Its probably a good thing you got the wandering under control, stray dogs in rural areas tend to get shot before there's time to check for a collar. Even a dog with a collar will kill a calf if its that kind of dog, so its not worth waiting to find out. Good luck with the training!

  5. Ahh Pepper - you look like trouble! I'm sure she will settle down, the training plan sounds a good idea and she looks like a great ratter/snake dog too. cheers Wendy

  6. That's awesome... what a cutie. Can't wait to meet him... coming to visit you in March hopefully :)

  7. I gave up using that system on a young dog several years ago, he just kept digging under the fence and off he went, did not matter what setting the collar was on. The dog was given away to save our sanity.