Thursday, January 24, 2013

A photo of the little house

I'm back at my old haunt, Hungry Jacks, soaking up some wifi. On my last video post, Susan requested a look at the front of the little house. So, here it is:

  The little house is looking overgrown and unloved already.

She already looks a bit overgrown and unloved. The old owner actually lived in this house and rented the big one out to family and the garden was kept relatively neat. We've let it get a bit wild.

Anyway, as I mentioned in the video, we've decided to divert our attention to this house as soon as the last of the urgent repairs on the big house are finished. (Dan came home with a ute full of ceiling insulation yesterday for the big house - oh happy day!)

We've been told that a number of the vet students at USQ at Gatton have horses and want to find homes they can rent where they can keep their animals with them.

Enter our cottage! It solves the problem of what to do with our large horse paddock for the next year or two until we're in a position to look at animals of our own. I didn't fancy going around it on the ride-on mower too often.

It also creates an ongoing income that we can use to pump back into repairs on the big house.

As for our back paddocks, our neighbour has almost finished fixing up our fences there for us. He will then be opening the gate between our properties and sending his cattle up there for the foreseeable future. Again, we don't need them yet - this way the cattle can keep the weeds down and our fences are fixed for us.

Our main priority, outdoors wide, is weeding the section of the grounds where we plan to put the chickens and veggie gardens and getting a coop in.

So, plenty to do, as always. At least we've had some solid rain over the last couple of days and discovered our horribly buckled roof is actually a little more watertight than we thought. Amazing what patch jobs with silicon can do.


  1. What a cutie - good idea to spend some $$ on it and get an income + keep your grass down at the same time. So this was once an old school? Oh, if the walls could talk. xx

  2. Oh, Edwina, thanks for that! Those lucky vet students, getting to live there. From the glimpse on the video I knew I'd love the cottage, but it is far nicer than I imagined! In a couple of years I expect to see your story featured in either or both "Australian Country" and "Country Style" magazines. x

  3. It's so very cute!

    Sounds like an excellent plan!

  4. Get good advice from an accountant before you get too involved with this little income generator. Get organised before you start. Get an ABN. Set up a small home based business. There is also free help from the government when you set up a small business. It might be beneficial to set up a family trust.
    There are marvellous advantages to renting out this cottage and agisting horses. You may be able to claim lots of the renovation materials on your tax. You may need special insurances. You may need to check your plumbing and water supply. Tax deductions.
    If you get a Working With Children Clearance Card you could take in some childcare clients because some of the students may have families too.
    A friend of mine built a huge shed and babysits caravans. Steady income with little outlay other than insurance.

  5. Oh my goodness, that cottage could not be any cuter! I am so in love with your property!
    Great idea to make a little money off of renting it out.

  6. It all sounds great - it would be brilliant to get some income to help you with the big house. I wish we could do that!

  7. That little house is so so cute. Perhaps some interiors shots before the renters with horses move in? And love that everyone else's animals will be doing your mowing for you! Not to mention and nice little reno fund coming in with the rent. Enjoy this cooler weather and seeing everything greening up. I myself am just working on staying sane for the last few days of the school holidays. mel x

  8. That little cottage is so cute, every time I see it I think B & B, but renting to students is a much better income stream.
    It is amazing how half a dozen chooks will weed and rake over a patch of ground, if you have a safe moveable enclosure, which can be made from recycling pallet wood ,enclosed with chook wire and adding 2 wheels at one end and 2 wood handles at the other end (you just move it like a barrow) If you have a fox or dog problem you can lock them up at night.

  9. Love your little cottage, good on you in trying to rent it, every dollar helps

  10. I think you have a great idea, fixing up the cottage to rent it out for a bit. Especially with a vet school down the road and the possibility to rent it to someone who might have horses. Can't wait to see more of the progress! :)

  11. What a cute little cottage, that will bring you a nice little renovating income!

  12. Love the little cottage. Check out the Reno on and they did a post which ended up being in a magazine. They had a quote for $80,000 to fix it up and they did it themselves and it looks stunning. Whit walls and grey floor boards because the boards were old and mismatched. You will be very inspired take a look

  13. Hi Edwina, hope your still dry, at least you get a spell from the heat....just thought id mention that you should check out "fun and vj`s" blog...she is having a bit of a clean out of doors and windows etc and is in brissy....might be of use to you??...never know your luck in the big city right?!
    love the little cottage!
    Allison x