Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Splashing in Puddles

There's many things I'm enjoying about our new life out here in the country. As I've said before, one of the real highlights has been meeting so many great people living around us. 

Yesterday, we joined a bunch of neighbours from our valley for a birthday celebration. After all the rain we've had over the last few days, it was definitely time to get Lu out of the house for a while and we took our time walking over there, stopping to chat to horses and jump in puddles and look at the overflowing creek.

Off to the neighbour's.

Last week, one neighbour took a couple of mornings out to come and help me hack away at weeds in one of our paddocks. She has been fantastically helpful. 

It's pretty addictive. I'm wishing this rain would disappear so I could keep pushing forward - there's so much land still to reclaim from weeds and neglect and it's so rewarding when you make progress with it.

Plus, I would never tell my mower this to its face, but I'm kind of missing it. 


  1. Cant beat country folk. I guess it comes about because at some time or other everyone needs help and when your closest aide is in the next paddock you learn to give and take. Plus, it can get lonely on a farm and there is always a kettle on and some yummy cooking on somewhere.

  2. I get edgy when I can't go out in my garden. So much I want to do. I think I would go crazy for a ride on mower...


  3. It's wonderful you're getting so much out of your new neighbourhood and home. I really love reading about what you're up to. Country people tend to rely on each other a lot more than those in the City. I bet everyone's watching your progress with interest!