Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Mower Snap and a Slithery Visitor

Dan took this photo yesterday and I love it. It sums up perfectly how Lucinda and I spend so much of our time! 

We spend a whole lot of time like this. For you @chlostar!

Some of the comments on yesterday's post re whipper snipping and mowing made me laugh. I absolutely understand the comparisons to the call of the wild. As soon as I see my neighbour heading out on her mower, I feel compelled to do the same. I don't find the noises of those devices too offensive, they just blend into the background or spur me into action. They're also a LOT quieter than dirt bikes.

We had six hours of the bikes yesterday. Because we live in a small valley, it echoes horribly around the area and throughout our house. I'm crossing my fingers for new neighbours sooner rather than later.

In other news, we had our first brown snake up near the house yesterday. It made a speedy get-away once it saw Dan and I'm hoping that it stays gotten-away. It looks like it was camping out in a pile of green waste we'd been meaning to move. Eek! 


  1. I used to ride around on a ride on mower at the farm where we adjisted our ponies when I was young. Loved it.
    I hope that snake made a good getaway. You don't want to stumble upon him!

  2. Hey where is your ear protection??????

    Lucinda looks cute and protected.

  3. Very cool the pair of you farm chicks! My boys drool over ride on mowers, totally not necessary for Betsy of course, they would be in heaven at your place. mel x

  4. Last time I was on a ride on It made me dizzy, must have been turning too many close circles.. you both look lovely.
    blessing to you. NEll

  5. Lovely photo - even your dog is photogenic! Look at him/her grinning at you and Lucinda. Such a great photo.

  6. 6 hours of dirt bikes!!...good lord!...looks like mowing is good therapy! xx

  7. I so sympathise with you on the dirt bikes as when the property next door sold, across the creek and there's a gully between us, the people who bought it decided it was a good place to have their grandsons visit in the holidays....with their dirt bikes. Thankfully it is only around 4 weeks a year.

  8. Yes, the valleys can carry noise as if they're riding right next to you! I'm guessing the six hour run, was their last hurrah at motor bike riding before they move on. We notice the long stretches (as in all day) of motor bike riding at certain properties, only happened when they were planning to sell. Otherwise it gets too expensive to run motor bikes like that all the time. Running our mower and brush-cutter during summer, gets pretty expensive too.

    I like how you both get to mow on the ride-on together. We have too many steep slopes for a ride on. It's hours of brush-cutting for us.