Saturday, December 1, 2012

Smell of Smoke

It's stinking hot in Brisbane at the moment.

It smells like smoke, a smell I love after a childhood in Tasmania sniffing the ever-present fumes of thousands of wood heaters.

For Queenslanders, smoke is not always a smell that evokes such fond associations.

One of our first priorities in the new house is to put in a wood heater for Winter. A big, old house like that is sure to bake three quarters of the year and freeze the rest. Insulation is also a priority. Solar panels are on the list, too, although would eat up such a chunk of our first year's budget they may have to wait a year or two.

At our place in Brisbane, we're knee deep in boxes and cold drinks and memories.

Monday-week is when the removalists will arrive to whisk everything we own away. Then, we're staying at friends and motels for a week until we get the keys to the new house, rip out the carpet and curtains, scrub it down and learn to call it home.

We've been living a reasonably transient life lately, visiting friends and having adventures. Lucinda sleeps in her porta-cot at least once a fortnight and has no problems adjusting to unfamiliar places and people. That will be a useful thing over the next month.

I drove past the new place a couple of days ago on the way to Toowoomba to see friends. It looks gorgeous out there. Recent rains have brought the place back to life and it's exciting to know we'll be moving in at the time of year when it looks its best - jacarandas and poincianas in bloom and enough rain already to change the colour of the landscape from brown to the most vivid of greens.

For now though, it's back to the boxes.


  1. You are s lucky Lucinda sleeps where ever. I hope you get to stay in your new home by Christmas!

  2. Good luck with the packing and the move! Cheers Judy xx

  3. Certainly an exciting time for you all, nothing like a new adventure in ones life.:)

  4. Hello, I am new to your blog through Down To Earth, I Love the look of the house and land you have purchased, and can't wait to follow you on your renovation journey. we have done a lot of renovating ourselves, it will be nice to sit back and watch someone else for a change :). Best wishes. Cheryl (AKA Busy Mum of 3)

  5. send down the rain, edwina! it's changed today, but the last few days have been unseasonally hot with drying northerly winds - nasty to the garden. my lawn is already beige and dying.
    isn't it interesting the memories of smoke? to me, smoke smells like bushfires - i grew up near the NSW blue mountains, so summer, heat + smoke = not a good thing. but with around 15 years in hobart, dark cold days + smoke does indeed = a toasty woodfire!
    good luck packing.