Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's All Happening

Lucinda is asleep as I write this, still struck down with a stomach bug that has left her absolutely zonked for four days now.

HOWEVER, there is good news - I'm about to finish packing up the car, drive on out of Brisbane and up the highway to pick up the keys to the new house!

We haven't had any progress with the settlement change of dates. Turns out it's the bank's fault - they haven't done what they needed to do to get settlement happening today. Yesterday, we got a call from the agent representing the sale of our house in Brisbane. Same deal with that  settlement - the bank gave the buyer one day's notice they wouldn't be able to complete it.

It defies belief, really. Two banks, two settlements, a chain of people buying and selling on the same day who are now out of pocket.

Settlement is now next week on both deals, and the owners of the post office have agreed to give us early possession of the house.

So, we can get the keys today, get cleaning tonight and wait for the arrival of our furniture and things tomorrow.

We're booked into a motel the next few days. My car is chock full of our possessions and everything we need to survive a few more days of this nomadic life.

I am very much looking forward to getting moved in though, and getting some kind of routine back - hopefully with a recovered child.

Thanks everyone for your wishes, I will be a bit more present with some photos soon and able to communicate back a little!


  1. How frustrating for all of you. Good luck and looking forward to seeing some more photos soon..

    Take lots I wish I had taken more.

  2. Great news that you can get started on moving in! Good luck Judy xx

  3. Finally on the move, congrats. Hope your girl is on the mend soon, very stressful to be moving with a toddler full stop, let alone a sick one. Looking forward to seeing the moving in pics, you needs lots of before photos - makes the after photos so much more enjoyable. mel x

  4. V. nice of them to give you early possession of the house. How exciting!!! So, that's one hurdle out of the way! Good luck with the move, hope it all goes smoothly from here. xx

  5. Hope Lucinda feels better soon. Other than I am so excited for you, what an amazing (slightly early) Christmas present... A new home and a new adventure!

  6. What a drag. Why is it that banks are sorting out settlements day after day but still manage to stuff it up? I have bought two homes and both times I never had anything explained to me. Even the first time when I had no idea even what settlement was, no-one thought to talk me through it. Meh...
    Anyway, I just saw your pic in IG - I hope it all goes well. You do sound a bit over it all. Once you settle in and get over the overwhelming feeling of having all that renovating ahead of you, all will be well

  7. We have moved twice at this time of year and I remember having the same thing happen. They should make the banks pay accommodation charges perhaps then they would be more likely to get it done on time!

  8. Sounds like two lots of people not knowing or doing their job properly, glad you have the keys early though, very accommodating on behalf of the sellers. Good luck with all that hard work ahead of you, and right on Christmas!

  9. How nice that you can now make an early start, hope it all goes smoothly.Keep up your energy levels with fruit and juice, I think Monday will be a "Scorcher"
    Banks are Customer Service industries, you have to ask "what service?" sometimes, a lot of them seem to have a very slack attitude.

  10. Oh gosh I hope it all gets "settled" soon, but glad you can at last get into the new place. You would think if that was their job, and THEY set the orginal dates, they could get it right. !!

  11. The journey finally begins. I wish you the very best and hope you discover hidden treasures, not only in your new location but also in yourselves.

  12. I must admit I did this sell-buy thing quite differently.
    We arranged everything with the bank including a bridging loan in case it was needed. The two homes were in the pipeline. We bought. Then we sold. The two deals were set in concrete before the reality came into force. The bridging loan was for two weeks in the end. The interest was seen as part of the cost of buying. The agent insisted that nobody could move into our old home for six weeks after the deal was settled. For the place we bought, it was two weeks. That gave us plenty of time to go back and check that the house was clean enough and that nothing was left behind. It is amazing what gets left behind! The new home had actually been empty for two years, but we still had to wait. No motel stays. No hanging about.
    Next time, and there will be a next time, get the bank sorted early. They will offer good deals because they want your business. I recommend that.
    Good luck with the move. Grit your teeth. I reckon a few more things will still go wrong!!! Read, read, read the contracts including the agents'.