Friday, April 18, 2014

An Overdue Post

Once upon a time, there was a blog. 

There was a woman who wrote this blog, let's call her Edwina, and she also did 679 million other things and sometimes she sort of had to let the blog fall away a little to keep the wheels of her life from wobbling off completely.

So, hi there. I've been slack. I apologise. I'm here today. Incidentally, today was the first really cool and misty morning of the season. Soon it'll be frosty again. We're almost coming to our second winter living in Little House. 

How terrifyingly quickly time flies.

Recently, we've had some rain. It was long overdue and has turned the whole valley green and lush again. This is Big and Little House (can you see Little House, hiding away there?) as taken from our neighbour's property.

We've been out the back a bit, getting the weeds under control. It's pretty down there. Weedy, but pretty.

But mostly, we've just been getting on with the process of living our lives.

In what must be one of the slowest journeys ever, we have nearly finished the undercoating in the big room. Nearly.

I don't know if this is becoming the slowest renovation ever, or just top five, but hey - good things take time. 

And when there's so much else in life to do and enjoy, why hurry?


  1. Is there nothing better than that green grass teamed with blue skies? I couldn't agree more with the idea of taking time with's a journey after all. I have many people asking when we will be moving into the house we're building and my answer is always when it's finished. Some things you just can't put a time on...

  2. Take your time renovating, enjoy your life, make the most of the simple moments with your family, don't succumb to the pressure to blog constantly or else you won't enjoy it - and it will become yet another nagging guilt-inducing 'must-do' on your never-ending to-do list! I know how you feel, as I constantly feel like "I should blog" - but then I have to remind myself I chose to blog and even though it has become part of my job, it should be something I enjoy doing because that's why I wanted to blog in the first place :) Love your post and your beautiful pictures. Renovating does take ages - our bathroom has been in a 'work-in-progress' state for months! But why rush and put more stress on yourself? It will all come together in time!

  3. It's nice to see you back! But I totally understand about the time out (having just gutted and rebuilt a bathroom, updated a kitchen and laid reclaimed timber boards,now sanded & polished, in the lounge and hallway). Ok, my brother did, I just helped where I could. But it's full on. Lucinda has really grown! Melindi

  4. Good to see you back, the valley looks beautiful at this time of year.
    Lucinda is growing and changing so much.
    It is going to be pretty chilly tonight, hope you are all cosy in the little house for another winter.

  5. That rain was wonderful, wasn't it? I was a little sick of sun and heat. The big room is looking mighty fine there too. Don't worry about tardy blogging. I've become completely lax with mine due to work, kids and life in general but the keepers keep coming back to stay in touch. Happy Easter!

  6. It looks idyllic at this time of year. Personally, I like that it's all taking the time that it takes...apart from a healthy dose of realism, it allows me to keep watching and reading and waiting like I would with a good book that I just don't want to end!

  7. The place looks great, and why hurry with views like that, love that last photo.

    Cheers, Col