Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Progress Check

Thanks to everyone who left such lovely comments on my last post. We've been pretty swamped here of late, but it was lovely to hear such wise and kind words. You're all awesome.

I thought a little progress check on the house could be in order. We put the Butler's sink in place yesterday, just to see what it looked like. 

I'm happy.

The VJs and ceilings are looking... like they need to be painted. The charm of the old pastel boards is slightly compromised by the nice newness of the cabinets. 

What had looked ethereal and quaint now just looks old and dirty.

You can start to get a better idea of the space and layout now. This was taken standing in what will be my study, looking down the kitchen to the pantry. 

However, it occurred to me I may have given a slightly overly optimistic view of where we're at, renovation wise. By just focusing on the big kitchen/living/dining area, I've perhaps not shown how much work there still is to do through the rest of the house.

The bathroom, for example, currently looks like this. 

The sitting room looks like this - all unpolished floorboards and dust and items we don't have space for in Little House.

No one is looking forward to sanding and painting all these VJs. Absolutely no one. 

And our big old verandah, which one day will (hopefully) be the place we can recline with books and a g&t or three, is STILL enclosed - although quite a useful storage place. 

I will spare you the rest of the house. None of it's much better.

This is like that point where you decide to Spring clean and then pull everything out of the cupboards and then look at the piles of crap on the floor and just decide to go out instead because it's all a bit overwhelming.

And then you get home later and you kick all the crap under the bed because you've had a couple of drinks and can't be bothered dealing with it, and then three months later it's all still under the bed and it's not even Spring any more.

Thank God for the relative clean and quiet of Little House, is all I can say.


  1. Ha ha fun and VJs ... there is no such thing, eh? xx

    1. Yup. You have the most un-realistic blog title ever. x

  2. i know the feeling, we have a whole house of VJs to repaint.... and they all need sanding and filling first.....

  3. Oh god, tell me about it!Generally I have grand aspirations to paint at night but by the time the kids are in bed I'm shattered. We are just going to chip away one room at a time, perhaps do the same and just aim to get the whole kitchen finished so you have one room to hide in and admire the lack of gaps and peeling paint. mel x

  4. totally agree. I have a room just like that right now. What was I thinking.

  5. Firstly let me say that the kitchen is looking great - love the new sink. Our kitchen goes in on Friday and my nerves are already building up. Yes we all know that VJs are a pain to paint but I do think it's totally worth all the effort in the long run. I personally love them and have no idea why people used to stick plasterboard over the top of them! xx

  6. Little house sounds like the perfect hide away. Everybody should have one. In fact I may refurnish the neglected cubby soon with my own goodies for a g and t nook! Funny how you could work on these projects till 1 am before kids and feel no pain.

  7. It is looking lovely! bravo bravo.. We are about to start the cladding on our first wall this weekend should be interesting. The supervisor (Father in-law) wants to do the largest wall first, I would prefer a smaller practice wall to start!

  8. The kitchen is looking great - I am jealous! Mine is Kath & Kim style orange wood, thoughtfully scratched up by a puppy. I dream of white cabinets and a butlers sink! So much work left for you to do though. Best to just focus on one thing at a time and keep your head down and bum up :)

  9. Loving that sink Edwina! Little by little it' s all coming together. You are so fortunate to have documented it all so well. cheers Wendy

  10. I truly think your house will turn out absolutely amazing, and what a beautiful blog you have! So glad I found and all the inspiration here.