Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Asbestos Alert

So, there I was yesterday, happily devoting some energy to the cottage which, it appears, someone wants to rent from us in the not-so-distant future.

I had pulled up a couple of layers of lino from the kitchen after we had confirmed the board used underneath was a harmless (ie - not an asbestos one). The bathroom, which is attached to the kitchen, has the same lino but after starting to pull it up in there, I noticed the board underneath was different and a bit suspicious looking.

Asbestos, people. Yuck.

Anyway, I beat a quick exit from the room (after closing the windows) and deposited my clothes straight in the washing machine.

We've called in the experts for mid next week to come and clear the entire property of asbestos - we've found it in three places now, thankfully none in the house we're actually living in. We haven't disturbed it, but I'd feel much happier if it was just gone altogether.

Meanwhile, here's a couple of inside photos of the cottage. A new kitchen Dan got given from a workmate is arriving next week and, post-asbestos removal, the floors will be sanded back.

The cottage is about to have a makeover. #beforephoto

  The bedroom in the cottage. #beforephoto

The walls and ceiling will probably stay as they are for now. The house won't be gracing the pages of Country Style anytime soon, but it'll be bringing us a rental income from a seemingly great tenant, who cares a lot more about living in close proximity to her horses (she gets a huge paddock with the house) and local family than living in luxury digs. Win win.


  1. Not good about the asbestos but great news about the rental income.
    Those timber floors are lovely.

  2. Yep that damn stuff is everywhere.

  3. Looks like it will be a great place to stay and give you some cash at the same time!

  4. You'll be relieved when they get rid of the stuff, I'm loving reading of your 'adventure".

  5. I have been too busy for blog reading lately so have enjoyed catching up on your goings on. I t looks like you are making real progress all round.

  6. goodluck with the asbestos. best dealt with by the experts.

  7. Have you thought, in the future, of just giving the panelled walls a white wash (is this possible). Im imagining almost a french provincial country look.

  8. Betsy has a small amount too in one bedroom and the laundry which we will get profressionally removed. The whole front facade probably is too but as we are leaving it intact, it will just stay and get a new coat of paint. mel x

  9. Gaaahh.....this was my kitchen too, asbestos under the random groove wall covering and the butt ugly big fluero on the ceiling, lucky... also the lovely floor boards, which now look amazing with the new gyprock lining and paint job.
    So good to hear you have a nice tenant ready to move in soon, and some extra cash income, win, win.
    Hope the wood heater goes in before it gets too cold, you will be amazed at how well this heat does a large area.

  10. asbestos is a big environmental contaminate so much so that it takes special training to handle. I've been looking to getting a job in asbestos abatement and the required certifications and training that goes along with it. I just started a GHS training course and I'm excited to help clean up the environment!