Friday, January 3, 2014

The Highs and Lows Of It

In January last year, this is what our place looked like. 

Heavy rain brought more flooding to the Lockyer Valley and our paddock went under. We'd only been here a few weeks and, while our houses will always be above the flood level,  it was pretty confronting watching the water take over the lower areas of our property and valley.

This is what our back paddock looks like this year - dry, brown and thankfully a little less weedy.

We've had a few storms come through. This one looked pretty spectacular but did little in the way of rainfall.

It came after Lucinda's bath and I wrapped her in a towel and took her out onto the verandah to watch the lightning.

There, listening to distant thunder rumbling and with the ever-present background hum of our industrial-size fan, she quickly fell asleep on my lap.

We all grow up with associations from childhood summers. Hers, I suspect, will involve the constant hum of fans.

It will be memories of intensely hot days (it got to nearly 45 today) and regular rolling thunder. It will be going outside, as we did this morning, to find a fallen tree has brought a fence down.

It will be ice blocks and playing under the sprinkler.

And, hopefully, it will involve going outside with her Mother after 6pm when the weather has relented to water the plants, check the animals and, some days, watch the sunset.


  1. Such wonderful experiences you are providing for your precious little one!

  2. Can't believe it has been over a year that you have been living the farm life! Wasn't the heat a shocker today, I have been painting like a crazy person and the paint is almost dry as soon as it is on the wall! The fans are humming constantly at our place too. mel x