Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sikaflexing The Storms Away

In a turn of events that can only be described as a very happy accident, Dan finally got to doing an overdue Big House-waterproofing job that has been top of the to-do list the day before this storm hit:

Yup, the storm was every bit as powerful as it looked here.

As you may know or notice, Big House's exterior is unfortunately clad in aluminium not timber (why, people of the 70s, why...)

Aluminium deteriorates quickly, it's completely inflexible and - when you replace windows as we're doing - you pretty much have to replace the whole exterior of your home's cladding too. 

Take THAT, landfill. 

We aren't replacing the cladding just yet, so for now the exterior of our house continues to take on a patchy, ramshackle, hillbilly-compound look that increasingly bemuses our curious neighbours. They're a forgiving lot, luckily.

This is the kitchen end of Big House at the moment.

Classy, no? I think the wonky hills hoist really completes the look. 

Until we can pull all the cladding off and replace it with weatherboards, we just patch and repair as best we can. 

We'd had some water coming in the sides of the new timber windows, Dan's dodgy temporary cladding patches above clearly weren't holding up. So, on Sunday, he got up there on the trestles and filled in the gaps down the side of the windows with Sikaflex-PRO.

He snapped these photos while he was up there. They show what a mess the exterior is at the moment. 

Here, you can see the crappy aluminium cladding and the VJ lining of the pantry on the other side. 

This product was actually donated to us about six months ago by Sika to block the gaps in the Little House floors. 

The colour (Redwood) was picked to match those floors, but the job kept getting put off because all our renovating time really goes into the Big House (and has to, if we ever want to move in there again).

After the big storm came through on Monday, I went and did a pretty thorough check of every last nook and cranny for water entry points.

The entire house, verandahs and all was BONE DRY. No water in the kitchen, pantry or study.

So for now, at least, we can continue forging ahead on the inside, happy in the knowledge our externally-ugly duckling is finally watertight.

The Sikaflex-PRO featured here was donated by the good people at Sika Australia


  1. I am so jealous of all those spectacular storms, I do love a good storm! Those clouds look amazing. We heard about all your rain on the news here, I was wondering how your roof was holding up. Sounds like Dan got up there just in time. :-)

  2. Wow-that storm looks intense! They all seem too go around us a the moment, teasing us and not delivering on the rain. Wouldn't you love to meet some former renovators and ask them what on earth they were thinking? x

  3. Bless those good people at Sika! We're big fans and our Queenslander is a testament to that! Xx

  4. Hi!
    Glad you chose Sika Flex...our Old homes floorboards were filled (each one the entire way) with black sikaflex before being sanded and polished to help with draughts etc and after 11 years still looks brand new. Glad it kept your storm out.
    Ness xx (Marley & Lockyer)

  5. I have been reading your blog for months and love the honesty of your writing. I also have a blog on blogspot but cant figure out how to set up the comments page like yours...can you help? Www.cathscache.blogspot.com