Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Finished Ceiling and Getting Ready For New Arrivals

When I drove in the gate of our place the other night, I was met with the aftermath of 10 days of rain and no mowing. The whole place looked amazingly overgrown and a little wild again and - exhausted from a day's travel with an even more exhausted toddler - I admit it, I felt totally defeated*.

Luckily, I was met at the front gate by my wonderful neighbour who took one look at my face and announced she'd be back the next morning with her fencing supplies. 

"We're going to extend your sheep's paddock so you don't have to mow so much," she said.

(This is why I love living here, folks)

True to form, she was here the next morning with her son and the four of us got to work. 

A few hours later, and the sheep had doubled their living quarters, I've shaved a large chunk of weekly mowing time out, and we're all happy. Well, they're not loving the new electric fence, but they'll get used to it.

My neighbour - I will call her T -  is wonderful at firing me up when it's all getting on top of me.  In fact, she fired me up so much that I called her the next day. 

"I've finally bought a little coop, Lucinda's asleep and I'm going to PUT IT UP."

"You've noticed it's raining, right?" She said. 

I had not. 

I did not care. 

I sat out in a cool drizzle with Dan's drill and built my coop.

When Lucinda woke, she came and inspected and declared herself happy.

And then a lovely afternoon was had chatting with animals, weeding and generally enjoying our lovely property.

And it was good to be home again.

We're going up to another neighbour's tomorrow to pick out some chickens. I'll be sure to introduce you.

PS. Remember that ceiling I've talked about so much? Yeah, that one. Dan finished it. Isn't he clever?

*PPS. It just occurred to me that, with so many people in Queensland suffering under a really nasty drought, whinging about how much rain we've had is a little insensitive... I hope some of it heads inland soon.


  1. It all looks good and you will love having the chickens. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. The ceiling looks amazing, he has done a wonderful job. We have good neighbours here, which is so nice when family are not close by. I have two acres to mow and this time of year I swear it grown each time I walk out the back door. Louise

    1. It's horrendous, isn't it?! I actually love mowing mostly, but it's about four hours a week at the moment which is a tad excessive by anyone's standards.

  3. The coop and roof look so, so good! People like your neighbour are so wonderful/invaluable. I'm sure you give support/motivation to her in return, though, you know? I'm sure she's just as glad you're nearby.

    1. Thanks Lindsay, she's far more handy (country-raised) than I am but I try and give back in other ways. I have to say, it wouldn't have been possible to do what we've done so far without the support of wonderful neighbours.

  4. What a great neighbor. So glad for you that ceiling is finally done. You both did a great job. Good luck with the chickens.

  5. Wow look at that! what a great job and a massive project you have both undertaken!

  6. That ceiling is so gorgeous, I'd love some pressed tin in our back room but it's just so hard to get and so expensive where we live!
    I completely understand feeling overwhelmed our place is only on a suburban block and the house is 82 square metres (teeny tiny) and it's still such a mammoth task. You're doing amazing and should be so proud!