Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saving Blitz

Dan and I are on a saving blitz for the next binge of renovating, a binge that involves paying our electrician and plumber and buying all the products we need to strip and paint the pressed metal ceilings and do the VJ walls in the lounge/dining area and kitchen.

In short, I'm working a lot of extra hours - late into the night -  and we're living very frugally for the next month or so while we squirrel our pennies away.

However, there's plenty to do around here without spending too much cash. Pony riding has become a particular favourite.

Lu and I frequently go with our neighbour when she buys new animals. She is replacing some of her baby chickens after a few mysteriously went missing... 

...which is not surprising, really. Predators are everywhere around here.

We've also been getting out into the garden, now that it's sprung back to life after the rain. There's always something to fix or mow or weed or plant.

Lucinda's Grandma bought her a scooter, but she's been having a bit of trouble with it on the grass. She keeps getting bogged. At least the Big House has a nice long verandah she can scoot on when we move back up in there.

To try and raise excitement levels about moving back into the other house  and getting her own room again (Little House has one bedroom which we all share), we've been creating some new paintings for her to hang.

We're hoping to move back in by the end of Summer (the house will by no means be 'done', just 'done for now').

That means another busy Christmas, but at least the end goal is in sight now.


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  2. Great to see the green isn't it? So clever to have another living quarters while you renovate!

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