Monday, November 11, 2013

Around The Corner

I can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last wrote anything here. Where DOES the time go?

It goes on working, my little business has been keeping me on my toes of late.

It goes on running around after my little firecracker here, who is proving to grow more of a handful with each passing day. Terrible Twos indeed.

She now has a little pony... well, it's on loan for a while. I can already see we're going to have to start saving for one for her when this one goes back home again. She LOVES him.

The time goes on planning and overseeing renovations. The floors in the lounge/dining/kitchen area are polished now. 

And the cabinets have been fitted...

It goes just watching the seasons tick over. We've very much enjoyed watching the trees burst into bloom this year. First, the jacarandas, then the poincianas and scarlet oaks. Now, it's the tipuanas - and our little corner of the world is shrouded in an orange carpet.

The hedge we planted is growing bigger and greener and stronger...

...and Christmas, suddenly, is just around the corner again.


  1. Wow, Lu's eyes are amazing! Did I notice a pair of Peppa Pig sunnies in her hand? Snap. :-) The house is really starting to come along, those floors look great. The little house is looking very homely too, I love that shot with the Christmas lights. Beautiful!

  2. Your daughter has beautiful eyes, and those floors look amazing.

  3. Looks totally amazing! we are almost done with our roof - just in time to keep the worst of the sun away from us whilst we work under cover over summer.


  4. Everything is looking great, love the floors! Your little girl has grown so much since the beginning of the blog, she's adorable - Jen.

  5. Wow the floors look sooooo good, how lovely.
    The hedge is coming along well and will now burst into super growth with the last few days of storms passing by with all that fantastic RAIN !!!!!!

  6. Hi! I'm glad you're still around. The floorboards look beautiful and the kitchen looks full of promise.