Saturday, July 6, 2013

Little House

The countdown is on and the move to Little House is imminent. 

She may not look like much, oh no, but to me she represents something huge because the moment our essential items and furniture are moved in here represents the end of me and living in unrenovated interiors. FOREVER.

I'm done. I'm 100 percent done. Adventure over, closed for business, DONE.

Once I'm in this cottage, you're not getting me out of here again unless it's to move into something wonderful and renovated and FINISHED. Like, for example, the Big House, down the track.

So, we're enjoying (or trying to) our last moments in the pre-renovation Big House while I mentally start to work through our possessions and decide what comes to Little House and what stays over here under dust sheets and in boxes.

It's a great feeling. I feel a sense of accomplishment that we did this - we survived in this house for seven months, with its armies of spiders and occasional snake visitors and big gaps in the boards that the winter frost climbs up through. We've lived in it long enough to see it start to become something beautiful, but there's still a long way to go.

I will watch the rest of this adventure from the other side of the driveway, and when I've had enough, I will retreat to a hot bath in a newly-renovated bathroom and thank the universe for the Little House.


  1. I don't blame you it's hard work!! It's taken me three attempts to live in our queenslander when we first moved into it I was 38 weeks pregnant and had no kitchen I lasted two weeks!

  2. It was probably a blessing in disguise when your border moved out. Living in The Little House has numerous benefits (ie all the work's been done, it's smaller so cheaper to heat, easier to keep clean, oh I can go on and on.) Give yourself a break from the stress - you can now take your time without having pressure to get it finished. xx

  3. Oh you have done well to last 7 months! Once the excitement of the ownership of a glorious gem of a house wears off and the reality if living with a half baked house sinks in, it's not easy. That two and a half years living with a nightmare kitchen, custard walls, eternally mouldy windows and decrepit deck certainly felt like an eternity! I am also incredibly relieved we are not living there while the renos go on, with children it is just so much more difficult. You will find living in the little house glorious and then when you upgrade to a renovated big house it will be even better. I will be moving home to a glorious kitchen and saving up for the bathroom in five years time! mel x

  4. I completely agree with not living in unrenovated/being renovated houses. Particularly if you know it is a long process..... I think once kids come along it just gets too hard.

    Enjoy the little house.

    I lived in a small transportable whilst we renovated our last bigger homestead and it was such a great period of time. We had a small amount of stuff unpacked and life felt very simple and easy. The house was also almost new and there were no mice, snakes or anything. Lovely.

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