Sunday, July 7, 2013

Life near Laidley

I thought I might do a post briefly touching on our adjustment to our new lives as part of the larger Laidley community.

It's funny, we picked this place - the hills near Laidley - because we knew it would take us no more than an hour to get back to Brisbane to see our friends and family, or 45 minutes to get to our friends up the range in Toowoomba.

We assumed whenever we wanted a social hit, we'd get on the highway and off we'd go.

We still do that. But, we've also rapidly gotten to know people out this way too. It's amazing, in a small town, how easy it can be to plug in and meet people if you make a little effort.

But, when I'm not down in town, I'm at home in our little valley. And here, too, the friendships have been easy to make. It's not what we expected, but it's a nice surprise.

I'm not going to launch into a big 'city vs country' comparison because, truthfully, we knew our neighbours in town and used to have play dates and card nights and other meet-ups with them, too.

But, I think it's all the more important in a little community like this to make the effort to be involved. I've started a book club with some new friends I've met from around the area, even though none of us really has time to read a book every month... But, it's making the effort to be there that matters.

I'm also starting to do a bit of horse riding, because that's what everyone around here does and it's good to be involved. Seeing the neighbourhood from the back of a horse is pretty addictive, too.

Me, on my neighbour's horse Fred.

One of the things we started early on in the piece was prioritising tradesmen that lived in our neighbourhood too, which is part of the reason we have so far met the occupants of about 15 households along our road. 

Finally, I've had an idea for Spring - a local movie night. See, my closest neighbour and I have a cracking construction project schedule we keep during the day while our toddlers bounce on the trampoline and play in the sandpit. 

We're currently putting together an aviary for me and just finished a horse jump for her and next - an outdoor movie screen for the first annual "xxx(insert suburb here) Movies Under The Stars Night"

I will keep you posted on our progress.


  1. great community spirit Edwina! (and the next thing you know, you'll have your own pony in th back paddock!)

  2. We own a projector and though i live in the burbs of Melbourne i think it will be dark enough for a summer midnight movie outside. Im looking forward to it. Hubby, being an Aspie, cant see it happening because of the sound quality. How is he going to duplicate what we have inside, outside. He doesnt get that its about people, atmosphere, doing something "different". They are big into detail. Enjoy your small communitiy. I left home at 22 and now i long to be back in a small community.

  3. Hi Edwina,
    When we first moved to the Lockyer Valley we were told as "blow ins" it would take forever to penetrate the local community, but I havn't found that to be the case, the locals were welcoming, glad you have found it easy to settle in too. If you are ever over at the Cultural Centre at Gatton on a Sunday pop in and say hello at the Visitor Info Centre, thats my volunteering day, regards Lynne

  4. It can be tough "infiltrating" small town dynamics for sure, sounds like it's all good for you though. The small town we lived in for a few years (for work) had movies under the stars as well, it was BYO chairs and blankets and the movies were surprisingly current. A great way to make friends.

  5. Sounds like you were meant to be there :). Fred seems like a good type of tour guide and transport.
    Cheers, Robyn

  6. It's nice to have friends close by, as well as your old friends. They may be the ones that will come to your rescue one day when you need it most xx

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