Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little House, Our New House.

I am happy to report that we have moved into the Little House, where we are now comfortably settled in and are very much enjoying the luxuries of having a functional kitchen and bathroom.

Little House still needs plenty of work. Only half the interior wall cladding has been replaced (you can see the retro wood grain, which is still in place down the living room end), the roof needs to be done and there are some BIG gaps between the floorboards that have been worrying me a little.

I mean, I'm sure if a snake really wanted to get into this place, it could (they did in the other house after all, and that's about 2 metres off the ground). But I don't really like making it so easy for them. We've got a bit of a solution, which I'll come back to soon.

Meanwhile, the afternoon light on the back verandah at Little House is quite spectacular.

Sheepy has been taking full advantage of the fact we're no longer up the stairs and behind a baby gate and keeps trying to get into the house.

And Lu is also enjoying the easier access to the outdoors, even taking off without her boots on to explore, a cardinal sin in my books.

And the best part of all? We can see through the rest of Winter with a nice, new bathtub and gas hot water. 

Once you've lived in a building site a while, the littlest things seems like the greatest amount of luxury.


  1. It looks really cosy and nice,and having a real kitchen and bathroom back must be heaven!

  2. sheepy is adorable...and looks rather human in that shot. glad you are living in comfyness. well deserved! Al x

  3. looks like a lovely cosy space to see out the renos!

  4. So glad you have been able to move into the Little House while you are still working on the other renos, so much more comfortable!

  5. I agree that the afternoon light looks amazing.....and I can see why Lucinda wanted to run on the grass without gumboots as it is looking so green. It will be nice to be in a cozy little house with a bathroom and kitchen rather than being in among the big house renovations.....I'm sure things have worked out just the way they should have.