Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Full Steam Ahead

It's full steam ahead at the little house, which we're still aiming to have liveable by 10 April. A procession of trades have been coming and going - electricians and plumbers and floor sanders - and the inside is coming up nicely.

There were three windows along the side, but we had to close one of them in to fit in the new kitchen, which will run along the two sides of that corner in an L-shape, rather than the galley style we'd originally planned.

That will leave plenty of open space to allow a table to be a feature of the kitchen too and solves a few space issues we were having.

The little house lost a window yesterday. Need the area closed in to fit the new kitchen. #renovating

Dan continues to burn the midnight oil working on the place. Given he then has to be at work at about 7am, how he continues to function is beyond me. 

Evenin' renovator.

We have ordered a Bunnings kitchen and we're desperately hoping it'll be delivered by Easter. We've heard mixed reports about the quality of their kitchens but in the end it came down to timeframes and convenience. We just don't have enough time to be shopping around much for this place.

At least we can use it as a tester before making a decision on the kitchen for our own house. 

The weather is finally starting to cool off here which is fantastic. It's nice to be able to be outside doing the many hours of yardwork that has to be done without feeling like I'm going to melt into the ground.

This was taken on Sunday, which was actually the last really hot day. You would never guess from the picture, it looks so wintery and moody.


Are you happy to see a cooler change (if you are)? Or are you all about Summer?


  1. Love reading your updates, wish I could come and live in your little cottage.

  2. Hi Edwina, we are definitely finally seeing some cooler weather here in South Oz. Very blustery and windy today, and lovely cool mornings. Hopefully we'll get some rain over the next few days to top up our tanks. Don't want to have to go on to mains if possible to avoid it! Loving your updates on the little house, can't wait to see the kitchen installed.

  3. I am in the middle, I like my Autumn and Spring weather. Cool enough at night to snuggle, warm enough in the days to enjoy. I cannot believe the amount of work Dan has done. Does he get any sleep?

    1. Rarely. Poor guy knows he has another whopper of a house to do after the cottage too.

  4. Little House is coming along and i too wish i could take a little break in it. Im imagining some potted lavender on the veranda and a rocking chair. Its so cute. A good paint and it look great. Well Done Dan.

  5. Oh yes i'm really liking these cooler temps.
    good to hear progress is going well on the little cottage.

  6. Great progress on the cottage. You've got a gem in Dan!
    We have had our first decent rainfall for the year, 25mm in last 12 hours, and today the temp only got to 18C. So good. Two days ago it was close to double that temp! I feel totally rejuvenated with the cooler weather.

  7. The little house is looking great,it's such a cute place and Dan is a champion! It has been cooler the last two mornings, Winter will soon be here :-)

  8. this looks so great! im over in the USA (Virginia) and we are juuuuuuust getting over winter and headed into spring - im ready for warmer temps :) loving that last picture, your home looks so cozy i just love it!

    xx, kara

  9. Loving the cooler weather it is great to be able to do some serious gardening without dripping in sweat.