Thursday, August 15, 2013

Styling Decisions

It's time to make some more styling decisions. Yippeeee!

I have re-discovered Pinterest ( you can follow the board I'm making for Big House here if you're interested).

When I try and describe what I want to people, it always comes out a little jumbled. A country Queenslander with a classic contemporary interior with a slightly eclectic, possibly Moroccan feel in the stylings and tiles. Big, dark leather couch (we already have that) and furniture with Turkish rugs and bright cushions and colourful art and plenty of books.

I just can't wait to bring the vision to life...

Here are some pictures of interiors and exteriors I love for various reasons, most of which feature in my slowly growing Pinterest collection.

Row One: 
Left: This light is from Schots Emporium in Melbourne. They will not ship to Brisbane. This is, in my opinion, a travesty. 

Middle: The middle picture is from Pinterest (check the board linked above). I love the colour of the pressed metal ceilings - it's what I want for ours. Grey, but not too dark to be overpowering and definitely workable with our high ceilings. 

Right: I've pinned this because I like what they've done with the screening under the house. We've got ugly concrete stumps (you can see our house currently here) and a dark colour screen option like that would really help hide them away.

Row Two: 
Left: I think I just like the baby, actually. Cluck cluck.

Middle: This is a bit like what we've ordered for our kitchen. We've gone with a more traditional handle, but the cabinetry, bench tops and butlers sink are similar to what we've ordered. See my Pinterest board for the source. 

Right. I love this because the floorboards and French doors are very like ours. I will be making curtains like that, too. Once I have the room to pull my sewing machine out. 

Row Three:
Left: This is the York fireplace, also from Schots Emporium. Please start shipping to Brisbane, people. 

Middle: Probably a bit more modern than what we'll be doing, but the louvres are gorgeous. And the batwing gates will definitely make an entrance at our place. 

Right: Our tile, which is sitting in boxes under the house. I've mentioned it before but it's the Amity tile from Tera Nova in Sydney. 


  1. The tile is beautiful, some great ideas and I am now following your board!

  2. That all looks lovely on your vision board. Maybe check 2nd hand restoration places in Brisbane, ebay, trading post etc. for your fireplace and lights. You just never know what people may not want these days. Regards Kathy, A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. I think it will all tie in beautifully. One thing I've noticed from the Queeenlander homes I have photographed is that they really suit an eclectic mix of furnishings. Boo hoo for people not shipping to Brisbane, in this day and age!?!

  4. Some wonderful plans there! Shame about the items that can't be shipped from Melbourne.

  5. All beautiful ideas, I love Pinterest, you'll be lost for hours :-)

  6. Do you know anyone in Victoria that could have it shipped to them and they can ship it onwards? would cost a bit extra but is surely doable - and yes, how weird that in today's day and age they don't want the extra business?!

  7. You could try talking to Anna who has a shop Black and Spiro at New Farm. She seem to have a knack of picking up some unique pieces. Maybe she can get one for you next she's in Melbourne. Of course you would be paying more for it that way.

    BTW I don't know her, nor have I ever bought anything from her.

  8. I think you simply need to plan a girls weekend in Melbourne and take a large empty suitcase ( well for the light anyway!). Love your pinterest pics, similar to my taste, I agree with Elizabeth that queenslander homes really do suit both traditional and contemporary features and we are doing the same with Betsy. mel x

  9. Ridiculous that Schots don't ship to Brisbane! I didn't know that!

    If you want lights closer to home check out Cape Cod Designs. AM has lots of lights in all different styles that could be worth checking out. And she is in Brisbane to boot.

    I love those tiles, they are fab! Following you on pinterest now.

  10. beautiful... love that kitchen - i really love butler's sinks. love lots of white too - how cool and fresh.